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  1. Ah... I think I just found the errors of my ways. I was using github but was missing the DownloadMode = Clone tag in the config
  2. Feature request Always re-downloading the mods is problematic for some players with poor/limited internet connections. Is it possible to add a feature to exclude some downloads from auto updates? For example if you have a server with one huge mod download and a few smaller downloads. The huge mod does not get updated but the smaller ones are updated frequently. Could we be able to control this with parameters in the server configuration file? <Downloads> <Download Update="Never">http://myserver.com/massive_static_mod.zip</Download> <Download Update="Pre-Sync">http://myserver.com/large_mod_sometimes_updated.zip</Download> <Download Update="Auto">http://myserver.com/smaller_mods_frequently_updated.zip</Download> </Downloads> Never - only download once Pre-Sync - only download when Pre-Sync Mod is pressed Auto - (Default) Automatically download when Refresh Mods Automatically is checked
  3. Is salvaged bats missing a progression entry? Cannot craft lathe or mods.
  4. SalvagedLatheSchematic has not been included in loot.xml
  5. Is there a way to set a value to an empty string? Throws a null exception when I try the xpath set. Have worked around it by removing the tag and adding it back. <configs> <!-- Remove chainsaw and auger looping sounds --> <remove xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeToolChainsaw']/property[@class='Action0']/property[@name='Sound_start']"/> <remove xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeToolChainsaw']/property[@class='Action0']/property[@name='Sound_repeat']"/> <remove xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeToolChainsaw']/property[@class='Action0']/property[@name='Sound_end']"/> <append xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeToolChainsaw']/property[@class='Action0']"> <property name="Sound_start" value=""/> </append> <remove xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeToolAuger']/property[@class='Action0']/property[@name='Sound_start']"/> <remove xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeToolAuger']/property[@class='Action0']/property[@name='Sound_repeat']"/> <remove xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeToolAuger']/property[@class='Action0']/property[@name='Sound_end']"/> <append xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeToolAuger']/property[@class='Action0']"> <property name="Sound_start" value=""/> </append> </configs>
  6. Just installed the mod and rendered the map. Not sure what happened here, looks like someone went warpspeed to the northwest (background image removed for clarity). Anyone else seen this happen?
  7. If you are starting the server with Alloc's scripts then I don't think it uses the startserver.sh file. This script is hard coded to use the 32-bit build /usr/local/lib/7dtd/commands/start.sh The server works okay in 64-bit but does not show in serverlist. Log shows: INF [steamworks.NET] GameServer.LogOn timed out
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