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  1. as i have built a bloodmoon pitbase with an electric avenue (all blocks stun zombies) the electric fences were causing the console the come up and gives the NullreferenceExeption error. also the wires started to glitch, they were not all visible in the pit and instead got randomly directed in 1 direction. since this happened the allies that were in the pit got killed by the electricity (1 player and a admin in a pve server)... and fences should only stun and not kill... i have send a screenshot of the wires randomly pointing in 1 direction. also these randomwires got the players killed! http://prnt.sc/248j13q
  2. when harvesting planted crops the plant fully breaks instead of getting back to the seedling stage. now you get just your items and the plant vanishes. isnt to bad, but quitte frequently the seed is not being returned to my inventory. instead it gets lost.
  3. hello, i often have that my screen freezes while the game is still running. like i hear my actions but the screen is still stuck. this happens on intel uhd 620 with 12gb of ddr4 ram.
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