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  1. Anyone have an issue with this pack where you can play for 10 minutes to an hour tops then it locks locks up and crashes? Any idea on how to fix it if you have experienced it? I have 6 players (7 including me) and one of our players is experiencing this lock up but only with this modpack. We've gone through most of the standard settings changes to try to improve FPS and whatnot for him but its just not helping. Any ideas would be great, we all want to keep playing but if he cant get stable we will probably have to switch to something else (I will still play this solo if I have to, love this pack!).
  2. That is exactly what happened! Thanks!
  3. Started playing this mod with some friends a few days ago and I have to say, so far I love it. I am however mildly stumped right now. I chose the hunter class, and as I have played I spent some points in the hunter perk tree. Two of my hunter perks (From the Shadows, and Huntsman) are 2/5 but the number 2 is in red, when I click on them they have a red check mark on level 3 for them. Mousing over them says "Disabled by status effect" ... but according to my character screen I am not suffering from any status effects. The information is not detailed enough to tell me what status effect so I have no idea what is causing it or how to fix it. Any ideas?
  4. This mod looked pretty interesting and I saw you just updated it so I went to download it. The link on the main page says it is to v1.01 but the file it gave me says "MeanCloud__Mining_v1.00".
  5. It turns out I had to use a fresh SDX as well. I was not expecting that. I can get 7 days to load with SDX now. So I may have spoke to soon ... Now some of the mods themselves are still giving me errors, but that is something else I am sure.
  6. With today's patch to 14.6 I cannot launch any game with SDX any longer, even without any mods loaded. Just doing the install of SDX and the build function with no mods selected causes 7 days to no longer load. If this is not just me I am sure you guys already know, but figured I would alert you just in case.
  7. Awesome, I love the mod. I know some people don't care about the quality of the icons, but I like the better quality icons too.
  8. So, with the new install directions, how does one put this onto a server? I thought I had it and it just crashed on me.
  9. I have seen a bunch of people talking about this mod on a server ... I am currently running one, here is what I did ... 1) Follow the steps as if for single player, including clicking compile mods in the mod launcher. 2) Copy all the folders in the main 7 days directory into the dedicated server directory, overwrite as needed. To be clear here this means I copied: _CommonRedist, 7DaysToDie_Data, addons,CompiledMods,Data,EasyAntiCheat, and Mods folders, along with everything in them, into the directory I was running my dedicated server from. I do NOT know how many of these directories and related files were actually necesary, but it seemed like the easiest answer. 3) Set the server config file up however I wanted (name, loot spawnr ate, etc.). Make sure easy anticheat is off. I believe it will not run if easy anti cheat is on. 4) run the dedicated server. Each player has to set their client up per the rules on the OP for this mod. I know this works as I have around 10 players, maybe more, who play off and on, and around 4 to 6 who play regularly on my server. The server is NOT hosted at some random online company that offers servers. I know a guy who has a server machine in his house and the correct internet to permit server hosting. He hosts the hardware, I remote in and setup/manage the server. I hope this helps all of you out there who are trying to run this on a dedicated server.
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