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  1. not even worth arguing about it lol
  2. Thanks for response on this Sir, i have no demands mate im just stating facts, it makes no sense. Please dont feel offended by my opinion, all you can do is to respect it, the same way i respect your opinion and the fact that i cant change what TFP will do about this. Yess, in any case this will be huge when it comes out and im waiting patiently, no matter if you Sir or other Streamers get hands on it before me.
  3. After reading all of posts on releasing A20 only for streamers first, it still does not make sense if you think about one key factor, its about releasing the game. When TFP releases A 20 it will attract new streamers and new players anyway. No matter if its only for Streamers or for everyone. TFP still can watch their beautiful creation being played. Players that are already playing and know the game will watch the Streams. Please dont quote semi-negative stuff i have written that has no weight on this topic just to belittle me and make me look bad, thats childish, if you cant respect others and their opinions then you should not really talk with people, sad thing is it comes from guy with over 11k posts. Peace.
  4. Please read why this conversation started mate. Its not about accomplishing anything here, also not about stopping streamers to get hands on the game before me or anyone else. Its about point of releasing the game earlier to minority of people while other 99,99% people who actually funded the game have to wait and watch the minority enjoy the content they have been probably waiting for a longer than this minority of 0,01%. Streamers are Public, even tough they would only test it for bugs, it would be Public consumption on a much smaller scale which is anyway contradictive from what you are saying here mate. Thats why TFP has their QA team! Like i said, if TFP decides to release the game for everyone at the same time, game will still be broadcasted and everyone will be happy including 99,99% of players who paid mostly for this game. If TFP decides to release the game only for Streamers, game will be broadcasted and only streamers will be happy, which is 0,01% of this community. 99,99% of players will slowly die in vain while watching streamers enjoy the game.
  5. Game will be promoted by any means. There is no reason for the game to be released only for 0,01% of community. There is no in game purchases, there is nothing about this game that could benefit the game and community to be released only to streamers first. Give me just 1 advantage of it and i will agree with you mate. Also bugs are present and will be present, no doubt about it. Thus some bugs happen only at some times, thus its better for the game to be released to everyone than to 0,01% of the community. Everyone paid for this game, me, you, streamers. 5 years ago roughly half of my school started playing this game because i spread the word about it, atleast 60 of schoolmates i know are still playing to this day. 8 of my mates are playing with me together. I hope you understand my point of view.
  6. It already is the end of the world mate and to wait another week tough i know that some dude (who plays this game just to get views) got his hands on the game before people who actually live on this game makes me personally mad af.
  7. Dear hardworking Developers, How many MFB is left to fix before hitting Experimental release?
  8. Im guessing all of your posts are this accurate? 🤣👍
  9. Hello Survivors, im assuming that Halloween deadline to release Experimental Alpha 20 will not work, any update on release date? I cant wait to lay my hands on Alpha 20!! Watching Devs Alpha 20 Playthrough i dont feel bad about any of my 600 hrs spent on this game!! In Pimps We Trust!!!
  10. Hello everyone! Huge thanks to Fun Pimps crew for creating this masterpiece!!! I have questions bound to already running servers (not experimental branch). Not sure if anyone already asked and cleared this topic so i am sorry if it popped up again. I am running Private Nitrado server for my friends and me, Alpha 19.6 (b8), RWG, seed: ZOMBIETIME, size 8192. We have a lot of progress there, more than 500 hours of gameplay. Of course we want to play Alpha 20 release as soon as it comes out. Is it possible to access full Alpha 20 content on Alpha 19 server that is already running, without losing everything and starting all over from a scratch? When Alpha 20 content is released, it will only be available on Experimental branch? I appreciate any help, thanks in advance!
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