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  1. I live in the snow biome in one of the small clock towers. I live upstairs in the tiny attic wile im building some raid base structures in the garden. I havent walled off the outer walls or the clocktower. They have a free pathing to me at all times (besides horde night). During the nights I have feral sense on and im visited by 10-20 zombies every night who find their way up to me in the attic. So far so good. I havent dug or build underground besides a small fall pit in the garden for horde nights. I noticed one zombie had broken a floortile and was chilling in the hole. So i went to investigate. I found huge tunnels below my base, below the streets all the way to near poi's. The zombies are spawning in nearby poi's and try to find their way to me by breaking concrete walls in the basement and digging their way to me. Its a tunnel warzone below my base now. Ive pached it up by going into godmode and fortifying the basements of the poi's around me that have tunnels to my base with 3 layers of concrete walls and filling up the tunnels with concrete as well. So for now it shouldnt be an issue in my gameplay. But this seems like an unintended part of the digging mechanic, thats why im posting this. Surely its not the purpose of the game for the zombies to dig a huge cave below me when they can reach me day and night.
  2. I dont have a mission from the trader to get that schematic. If only. That would make things easier. Im on a real life mission to get the drone in the game. I guess the ' mission' work is confusing. Sorry for that. Im starting to feel the same way. I understand they dont want you to get the drone on the first day. But by the time my weapons are level 6 and im driving around in a car I really dont need the drone anymore. At that point its just a trophy that will likely end up in a chest instead of being very usefull. It feels like they might have made it a bit too difficult to find it now.
  3. I have found the mods and the schematics for the mods that go on the drone. But not the actual drone itself.
  4. I have one mission, to get my hands on a drone or drone schematic. Ive been finding schematics for the mods, in loot and at the trader. But the drone itself is nowhere to be seen. How does one obtain that beautiful little thing? I dont really want to wait much longer anymore. Is it locked behind a certain gamestage? of only obtainable in certain lootcrates? I cant find that thing. Seems a bit too difficult to get my hands on one. Anybody know?
  5. So with my building my base im running into the issue where not all wood blocks can be upgraded. I decided to live in one of the tiny barns and was fixing up the roof. The roof has a nice slope in it. I can replace the missing blocks, but unfortunally the game doesnt allow me to upgrade whatsoever. Considering my horde build is right next to it, a wooden roof isnt going to cut it long term. The same thing happened when i added some small wooden corners to my build. I can place them in wood but can't upgrade them at all. Is this still missing from the game and still needs to be added to it? Or am i missing something completely and just doing wrong? I looked through some of the other blocks, the metal, rebar frames. But i couldnt find them in there.
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