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  1. Is this serverside or does every player on the server need to install it as well?
  2. 7 Days to Oblivion is a brand new 7 Days to Die server! We invite you to join us on our journey to combat the zombie apocalypse. So many fun and fresh pois to explore, I am especially loving Carole Baskins' animal sanctuary! We have many server side mods that enhance the player experience, along with a beautiful UI that just makes everything feel fresh! We have some pretty intense zombies at the start, but we start you out with a nice starter pack of items to combat these zombies. We have reset zones and a public mining area to keep the server from being riddled with giant holes from mining resources! We also have a prestige skill tree that allows 400 extra skill points to be placed into some fun perks to enhance your gameplay! PVE - NO RAIDING NO GRIEFING 200 EXP/ 200 LOOT Bonus! Day Length 60 Game Difficulty: 3 Drop Nothing on Death Air Drop Marker Enabled | 24-hr Spawn Land Claims x4 | Land Claim size 71 Loot Respawns Every 3 days! Custom 8k Map with a lot of exciting POI's to explore! Teleports for Horde/Lobby/Public Mine/Market Earn Oblivion Cash for killing zombies and playtime and exchange it for in-game perks! You will need to install a modpack for the UI to enjoy this server to the full capacity that it offers (well worth it). Once you join our discord click on info and follow the install instructions! Discord: h9baWPpgXU Server IP:
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