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  1. https://pastebin.com/raw/iT46Lh0g Fixed it so no more 20-page expand. ~Sy
  2. "Daltak" its the player with the "bug" (And dont worry, i change my psw in the post hahahaha but thx!)
  3. 7 Days to die (PC) Server Nitrado Version Game: v00.19.06 Server config xml EAC Dissabled. Telnet Dissabled
  4. Hello, i have a problem, we are three friends playing on a private Nitrado Server, and the problem is that one of us (sometiemes at 15 minutes, other times it is 4 hours without the error happening) An error Happens, suddenly he sees us "frozen", he can't loot, the zombies don't move, the server freezes for her, but he can keep moving and we see him move, we don't know what the error could be, Help pls! and srry for my english :C
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