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  1. DO any of your Vehicle mods have a passenger for the Minibike? im trying to play with my Disabled Friend who cant drive the vehicles.
  2. Title says it all really, Have a Close friend I play with that cant even use WASD (how she plays at all is a Miracle) She cant really Operate the Vehicles, so i need to Carry Her along with me on the Vehicles. I Looked for a past mod i remember that had passengers on the minibike to try to copy some of the XML over, but i cant find it. Its not good that she cant travel and is stuck around the base. We are Playing Darkness Falls V3.3 aka Latest Version.
  3. question about the invisible layer in the Caves, its for structural support , but does that mean i can take out all the vertical column's and it still wont collapse? im trying to figure out how much Leeway i have , as there's a Cave below the Trader and my base... i found out this later... after building. (im playing Darkness Falls FWIW)
  4. I want to confirm if I can Scrap weapons into their base parts or not, as in take a pistol and break it down into pistol parts, not sure if its gated behind a workstation or skill or just not possible.
  5. bet $$$$ that you haven't gone to the install folder and manually deleted the leftover files after Uninstalling the game :). In general uninstallers typically only uninstall The Official files, which mean's that anything modded will be left over.
  6. Accidently hit a guard trying to repair the outpost, How do i stop them from killing me on sight now?
  7. Thank you, thats the sort of stuff i was wondering about. I want to play it the way it was intended to be played. Now to be clear max zed's at 100 Minimum? that sounds awesome!!
  8. Thank you @KhaineGB, That means Default should work perfectly! THat being said, Off hand, are there any Settings you Recommend NOT touching?, Basically i dont want to destory the purpose of the mod/break the game/Unplayable. If nothing comes to mind no big deal. I only ask because this is a Total overhaul with many many things i dont know about its balance yet. FWIW, I love a challange but i hate Bullet sponges.... atleast for regular zeds. and i REFUSE to cheese the game to win; as thats just cheating (for me it feels like cheating) Normal game is ZERO challange so im looking forward to this, unfortunately i'll be solo, as my normal freinds are playing WOW shadowlands. Still want to run Server and Client though, better that way.
  9. Question about Serverconfig. Im going to be trying This overhaul for the first time. Besides EAC (which i never use and is Blacklisted from my system) are there any special or reccomended settings in the xml i should be aware of, jsut leave as default as possible?
  10. is this compatible with 19.2b4?
  11. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?28057-Compo-Pack-for-Random-Gen
  12. Awesome, i miss your lighting. Hows Performance, improved Over Vanilla? i dont know what all you did for the A18 Version. did you mess with distant terrain or anything ? Thank you.
  13. Man I have the same desire, I trecked all the way to the burnt forest map border to get some coal, and then I discovered the terrible radiation wouldn't let me in the burnt forest at all.
  14. Manux's ATV was our Favorite, my friend would get to excited when I'd drive her around the map exploring on it. It really Suprised me how good Manux made the physics work on His Four Wheeler, somehow it was very stable. Looking at you'd expect it to drive like ♥♥♥♥ and flip constantly, but it honestly drove great and didn't flip. - - - Updated - - - Dude a riding Mower that actually cuts grass.... That would make this one of the most popular mods by far.
  15. If you take request, I have 1 or 2. An ATV.... AKA Four wheeler https://powersports.honda.com/atv/recutility/fourtrax-rincon/-/media/products/family/fourtrax-rincon/trims/trim-main/fourtrax-rincon/2020/2020-fourtrax-rincon-red-650x380.png And for ♥♥♥♥s and giggles and lots of fun a Baja Trophy Truck Unilimted class.... https://blog.dupontregistry.com/sponsored/2019-brenthel-trophy-truck-for-sale/ I noticed that the high speed of the jeep allowed me to glide over rough terrain and have fun just driving around Like a total Jackass. It Made me think about a Trophy Truck. As for the ATV, it's just a logical choice for a doomsday/lone survivor/scrounge parts transportation. I always mod my vehicles to carry 2 people that means the motorcycle and gyro, jeeps I mod to 4 People. I Also mod the horn.... To the only choice anyone should make.... The "Dixie Horn" It's funny as hell flying over a hill and letting loose on the Dixie Horn.
  16. say some updates on Nexus, anything important?
  17. ok thank you, i was wanting to use all your ui mods, SMX UI, SMX HUD .
  18. does this work with A18 Stable?
  19. Ok that's what i was wondering thank you. (rules that right out) As an aside, i went through the xml, and tried to scale FUEL to be more in line with the games default vehicles. also gonna test Brake Force out and see what happens. I don't know what i can do about turning, but for example, the Willie jeep has a very large turning circle compared to the Vanilla 4X4, I'm Not sure if that's related to the higher speed or a simple .xml setting. or a careful balance between turning and sliding/drifting that you had to settle on. Notice Vanilla 4X4 Brake Force and Fuel. <vehicle name="vehicle4x4Truck"> <property name="brakeTorque" value="5000"/> <property class="engine"> <property name="fuelKmPerL" value=".1"/> <property class="fuelTank"> <property name="capacity" value="400"/> BDub's Mod <vehicle name="vehicleWillyJeepTopless"> <property name="brakeTorque" value="1000"/> <property class="engine"> <property name="fuelKmPerL" value="1.15"/> <property class="fuelTank"> <property name="capacity" value="50"/> Btw I love the Jeeps big tires and long travel suspension, I love the way it leans, It feels like a Baja/Trophy Truck a bit. Especially when im hauling ass. Any thing in the .xml to help make it climb over a 1 meter block when its starting from a stop right up against it? or is that also unity files. Oh and is this game actually using 4 wheel drive? as in each tire is where the power and traction actually comes from?
  20. Are all the adjustments for vehicle physics in the xml? Or are there other files I need to mess with. I want to try adjusting just a few things on the vehicles.
  21. can you think og any reason i cant/shouldn't add the vehicles mod to an existing save/world? I don't want to break a save.
  22. Once you 2 (mag and damoc) are in snyc & collaborating we're gonna be in RWG utopia. I can't wait. Hopefully it works with the mining mod that adds copper and zinc to make brass https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?131108-MeanCloud-s-Mining-modlet-(A18)-with-copper-zinc-and-excavators. I can't wait, it's gone be awesome.
  23. Yes, you can use either pack you want. it does not matter that you have 1080P resolution on your monitor. if you have the power to use 4k textures and get high FPS... then use them, if you don't have the power then use the 2k.
  24. build them with parts just like you would the Vanilla Vehicles, And "grease Monkey" found in the Intelligence tree is the required perk, as it is with Vanilla Vehicles. Type in "Manux" in the crafting Window and you will see the required ingredients/parts for the vehicles.
  25. Entityclasses.xml should look like that, NO SPACE on the highlighted line. Localisation.txt should look like what you see in my Pic as well. a space, or typo will break things. you really must use some sort of xml editor like VSC or notepad++ with the right plugins to PROPERLY edit/install mods. another things that's really important, is properly removing older versions of mods, Manux for example has an updated version of the "Localisation.txt", and if oyu dont properly remove the old lines that were added to the "Localisation.txt" found in the DATA (not mods) folder, you're going to run into issues. another thing that might be causing some headache for players right now is the switch from A17B9 going from EXP to stable, everyone should be opted out of the EXP branch and back to stable inside the games properties found in the steam library. it woudl be very easy to overlook as both versions will show as Alpha 17.1(b9) in game. and another SUPER Mandatory thing is that when you uninstall the game (or almost any game), you need to get rid of left over files. Files that were modded/added in will not be removed by a games UNInstaller, as it doesn't know to look for them since they aren't part of the default game. some extra MAYBE pertinent info for some people I've found many Leftover Keys in the registry 7DTD key for example. EDIT: this is a cleaned version, only keys from Alpha 17 are shown here (or should be clean) that's some of the keys found in the registry for 7 days to die, Many leftover keys can be found in the registry (for everything not just 7DTD) if not properly cleaned (DON'T MESS WITH THE REGISTRY IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING). sometimes keys can conflict/contradict with each-other. "Permissions" issues and errors/mistakes can cause all sorts of "Problems" with your OS/Registry. some problems might not be noticeable, others more so, but you usually wont know what is causing the problem, just that you have a problem. Computers are still really complex, despite most people these days thinking its all plug and play and everything will just work perfectly A OK. It should..., but it doesn't unfortunately... usually due to small user (PEBKAC) mistakes over time.
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