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  1. Okay. I guess its because of a mod. I played on vanilla mode and it works now. But I can only see Chickens or rabbits. It does not track wolfes even though I perked everything up to max
  2. https://gyazo.com/e0b9355804447a075d60187c4d5617ad These Mods
  3. Okay I tryed that but still not working. I still have the same problem.. 20seconds are popping of but there are no icons on the map/compass https://gyazo.com/ef8790877bc871a8543b3085a7eca1ef
  4. Oh okay. I will try that out. Thanks alot
  5. Well... since I am new in the game, I dont how to explain it properely. I will try to make my problem more clear with a screenshot later on. Thanks for the reply and more informations will be there soon
  6. Hello, I have some issues while hunting animals. I skilled the trait for tracking animals when I crawl and the 20sec mark also appears when an animal is near by but I dont get a green mark on the Map or on the compass. I dont know how to fix it.... Any ideas how I can fix the issue ?
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