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  1. I have seen that effect. I've spent a few nights now trying to figure it out. I mined the hell out of the building below which weeded out a lot of them then started picking them off from the roof. I noticed that if I stayed stealthed sometimes, not always, they wouldn't detect me. The first night when nothing happened, I was building on my base with a nail gun, built a covered area when it rained and turned on the camp fire to dry off and nothing but the first Z spawned. This last night the mines took care of a bunch of them which don't seem to attract more Z's. Maybe because mines litter the wasteland so the AI might not know when it's a player placed mine and a random one. I was able to pick off the few left over and the waves stopped coming. Still, twice now I've had to bail because they are coming wave after wave like a mini blood moon. It doesn't seem like I've figure out the magic sauce so I'll keep playing around with it and report back to this thread if I figure anything out.
  2. I do know about wandering hordes and they show up in the console when they spawn. When this happened I checked it and there were no messages about wandering spawning. I've tried it a couple times since and every time a ton of z's spawn and try to tear the building down, every time but that first night. If there was a trick to not spawning tons at night in the wastelands that would be really cool but at this point my wasteland bases are going to have to put purely daytime unless I'm loaded for bear and looking for XP.
  3. Hey all, I've been playing for a while but only solo and just one long game. So I'm not a total noob but I'm noob adjacent. Since I learned early on (the hard way) about the Wasteland at night I've avoided it other than in the daylight. Now I'm over level 200 and well geared so one day I was clearing a 6 story building in the wasteland when night got close. I decided to spend the last few minutes building a quick base on top of a three story building next door. There was no access to the roof so I built a ladder that starts three blocks off the ground and with my Parkour skill I can reach it but Z's don't seem to be able to. I parked my gyro-copter up top and waited for night. It turned night and I saw a wraith. At that point I'm thinking "It's on!", I kill it with a head shot and wait for the horde but nothing happened. I watched with night vision for a while then got bored and started adding to my base, I cleared part of the roof to make a flat path around the entire top of the building with rails so I could lean out, then it started raining so I built a covered spot and a couple camp fires and storage chests. I sat by the fire until the rain stopped then patrolled around again, still nothing. Morning came and I got back to clearing the 6 story building. When I was done it was close to night again so I decided to hang out another night. I see a couple Z's, take em out, then like 4 more, I kill those and before I know it, I see 4 z bears, 3 z dogs in a pack, wraiths, spiders, a bunch of zombie chicks, z cops, birds... they were tearing down the building because they couldn't get to me. I shot a ton of them until I decided to bail in my copter because I was blowing ammo like crazy and they weren't showing any signs of slowing down. Now my question is this. Is the crazy horde like zombie spawning at night in the wasteland random or did I do something the first night that made everything stay quiet? I'm playing Navezgane, no mods, v 19.6. Thanks!
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