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  1. To Whom it may concern My uncle, a man who I loved incredibly passed away yesterday on 9/26 to COVID. Its so hard to write, or speak and try to compose things to tell you all. But i wanted you to know how much he loved 7DTD. When he got me on it, that was it for him, he was already hooked. He would grind out this game so incredibly hard! if there was a way to check, you'd be impressed at just some of the wild and bizarre, but working idea's he'd come up with! He had me constantly getting hounded on by my wife because we were playing so much at one point. hah! (Tears in my eyes smiling while trying to write this.) But I think of all the amazing adventures we had together playing, and I want you to know as i'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face, you guys brought me some of the best memories i've ever had together with him. He was so fun, the stuff he would come up with in the game in order to try to get loot fast, or kill some zombies were out of this world, I promise! What I wouldn't give one more day to have him with me to play again. I just can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you all, because even though I'm crying, I'm smiling knowing I have awesome things to share and think about always. I love you guys/gals out there. Keep doing the amazing things you do. Thank you. RIP Hawkeye11871. Scott Lowe. #GonetooSoon #FUCOVID
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