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  1. Server Name: Survivors vs Environment (Roleplay Friendly) Gamemode: PVE Server Website: https://svecraft.com/ Server Discord: https://svecraft.com/discord Apply for staff: https://svecraft.com/application/ Join Now: steam://connect/play.svecraft.com:26900 Raw IP: Vote Rewards: https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/99977/vote/ Interactive Map: http://play.svecraft.com:8082/ Web Shop: https://admin.svscraft.com/ Game Difficulty: Nomand (2/5) Zombie Move: Walking (0/4) Zombie Move Night: Nightmare (4/4) Zombie Feral Move: Nightmare (4/4) Zombie BM Move: Nightmare (4/4) Max Land Claims: 4 Total Land Claim Duration: 14 Days Drop On Death: Nothing Max Zombies: 64 Max Animals: 20 Loot Reset: Every 3 game days Air Drop: Every 1.5 game days
  2. Hello! We're excited to announce we will be launching some 7 Days To Die gaming servers! We're looking to hire active XML devs to help create moddlets to enhance the gameplay experience for our gaming servers. This is 100% PAID position and it's a long-term position, meaning we have many ideas and concepts we want to bring to life with your help! Question: How do payments work? Reply: This is discussed privately via our support tickets system inside our discord. Rest assured, you will be paid fair pricing for each moddlet you help create. Question: What is "long-term" mean? Reply: The long term means we have plans to run these servers for the next few years, so that being said, we want to hire services for a long time instead of a one-time courtesy that is one and go. You'll have an actual dedicated server community you'll be a part of building and creating. Requirements: • You will be expected to be an active member. This is a position only for the best of the best and nothing less. • You will be expected to provide basic bug fixes when something does not work as intended. • You will be expected to create XML moddlets on the fly as new ideas/concepts come in. • This is considered a competitive environment, so we need you to be creative and help come up with catchy and trendy ideas. • You must be able to provide past work as evidence you are qualified for this position. [Note; We'll provide the mod concepts written out in detail, but it's nice also to have a dev who has creative ideas themselves.] Please contact me directly via direct messages to inquire about this position! Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/3VBkAcjnHY
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