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  1. Hiemfire... yes account is new, so what. Is there some comment quota before you can make a post. I understand this is the normal way to provide feedback to the Funpimps along with feedback from others. That's what I've done. Also Hiemfire... The views are somehow related to hardline US political faction.....what the hell are you talking about. I'm from a completely different continent that and have no interest in your bizarre politics. Lock away....I've provided a comment and some follow up. That's it. Gaz... nobody that I know of is letting a small child play the game. Where the hell did you get that from.
  2. Lots of "my..." doesn't mind, and hey maybe strip clubs are really a good thing for society(WTF). Neither is the point. The principle is to not have gender as an issue in the game. To not perpetuate existing degrading meme's. Leave that stuff for the modders if you must. As I mentioned in the original post, I think the FunPimps are already, in some way, aware of the issue. This is demonstrated in the more reasonable treatment of the latest female models (Breast size excepted). It's not in any way a significant change to the game play. It's not "cancel culture", a ridiculous term. But it is a change that does ever so slightly reduces a negative gender bias. I have over 2,500hrs in the game and enjoy it thoroughly. It is, but for this relatively minor issue, a great game.
  3. Maharin, I have modded it out. That is not my point. The point is simply that it is offensive to some, that some being a gender. Women have to cope and accept sexism in all its forms all the time. Agreed, this is not an in your face issue. It is part of a general societal position objectifying women. But since you've mentioned modding, don't you think it would be better to take the view that such POI's should be "Mod-In" if desired, rather than expecting people to take them out after experiencing them.
  4. So this is going to going to be controversial, but shouldn't be. There is currently a couple of POI's that are of concern, but the Strip Club is the biggy. I've been considering this post for some time but on seeing some of the A20 previews it seems like they are making more variations on this POI and therefore time to step up. Note, I am the father of young women who love this kind of game. But I dont feel comfortable with the mysoginistic imagery of the Strip Club. Corpes of women in cages exaserbate the impact of a place that is all about objectification of women. A test for this sort of thing, in my mind, is to consider if the game was designed by women would the POI have made it in. Fairly sure it wouldn't. I do sense that TFP's do have some awareness of the issue. Female characters are getting better outfits; Stripper has actual clothes, nurse getting a typical gender neutral outfit rather have some cliche from the 50's (although every female character now has very large breasts which is also a real image issue for women). Please consider this feedback seriously. While the expectation is that the games market is male why put up barriers to females. More players equals more sales and a better community. If you read this and agree please speak up.
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