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  1. Maybe someone can bring this to the devs attention? This could be obvious, because the parameter contains the word "name" in it - not the word "path" 🤦‍♂️ But giving a path to store these configs in one separate folder would be somewhat nicer IMHO.
  2. Well, A17 or A18 ran "OK" on this device back then But why doesn't it utilize all cores instead of scratching around the 25% CPU mark? €dit: Nope, its not. Issue found. This stuck was real. <property name="AdminFileName" value="..\config\serveradmin.xml"/> I tried to store all config files in same folder. Dedicated did not like that. Changed back to <property name="AdminFileName" value="serveradmin.xml"/> Now its up and kicking all the CPU cores while generating worlddata. €dit2: 4k World generat
  3. Greetings, Tried to take a look into A19 with my friends, now stuck at setting up dedicated. As the title states, the dedi won't generate RWG. Let it run overnight - nothing changed. Taskmanager shows CPU 25% and 1.221.269K RAM for 7dtdserver.exe Win Server 2019 1809 dedi.log: https://pastebin.com/09LPShAC Any Ideas?
  4. Well, basically i'd like to know, if the devs did anything at all to address this issues. I didn't follow the changelogs over the years. Actually I'm on a AMD Fury X with an 1090T AMD and 16 GB of RAM - still enough to run top end games this day, but 7dtd was not running smoothly even on lowest setting with this rig back then.
  5. I've paused this game for 2 years and I'm now thinking about giving it another try. But there is one short question first: Have the graphics lagging / (micro)stuttering issues been addressed with A17 or are these still present? This would be a big gamestopper for me. I'm kind of sensible to this stuttering. (Keeps giving me headache)
  6. I am using a dual monitor setup - one where the game is running and one where the livemap is displayed. While doing so, I came across some stuff with your live map: Issues: - Map view border will not update with new size when resizing browser window. I.E. from maximized to fullscreen (F11). The map will be displayed with black borders. - When you hide the left navigation panel, one row of tiles coming from the right side won't be loaded properly on moving. Already loaded tiles will be shown properly when rearranging map. - Last options (like show players, enemies, animals or the relo
  7. <Tool Name="Motd" Enable="True" /> <Motd Message="[FF8000]Willkommen im Zombietempel ! TS3: zombietempel.evils.in:9987[-]" /> It is on. Or - it should be. O.o Possible to enhance InfoTicker for DualLanguage ? ATM my TickerScript posts a message in German & English at one time. (2 separate say commands)
  8. As I see, the MOTD isn't working currently. Have configured a custom MSG - but it wont pop up after joining server.
  9. Nice. Just some days after I started to take a look into plugin programming. Tried to make a MOTD poster - now you released a whole command set utility including this
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