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  1. I gave him the red book from the creative menu and he put it his hotbar and clicked. After the first time it told him he already had the skill, but in his skills menu it tells him he doesn't have access to the 2nd skill point in farming, nor can he craft those recipes.
  2. Gave him the book and he used it but the quest didn't advance. How do I know if it worked?
  3. Can you elaborate on how you were able to fix this? I have a player on my server who ran into this issue as well.
  4. Good news! Last night before going to bed, I just changed the seed name and file name and that seemed to have done the trick. Coding is basically magic. Looking forward to trying this out tonight! Thanks so much for all of your help!!
  5. I checked with them and myself and it appears that all the files are there on my (client) end and that (server) end. Any other thoughts? I appreciate your help so far. edit: I have the output_log from my server which may have information that would be helpful, but also a lot of identifying information on my server that I don't want to make public. I can PM it to you if you want. edit2: saw this line which may have something to do with it? 2019-02-04T20:33:22 36144.840 WRN Spawned entity with wrong pos: [type=EntityPlayer, name=Pale_Rider, id=172] id=172 pos=(0.0, 0.0, 0.0) Spawning me at 0,0,0 seems like a bad idea...? edit3: Still no progress. Tried renaming the game in the config, deleting profiles, changing profiles, and I think the only option left is a full wipe and reinstall of the server. I'm hoping you've got another idea before that though.
  6. Via a provider but I have FTP access to the files.
  7. I have EACEnabled set to "false" in the server config and the box for "Use EAC" on my mod launcher is unchecked.
  8. Awesome, thanks again! I've picked up the mod launcher, installed the mod on my server as well. Everything looks good to go. When I go to play (launching via the mod launcher), I see the modified main menu and go to connect to my server. Console log shows no errors*. I see time passing on the console log but the world just doesn't load. I waited 5 minutes and it is stuck on the usual loading screen with the desert background. I've tried to get in three times now. I have the HDHQ modlets in my mods folder. Any ideas would be appreciated. * One time I got an error saying "Failed to decompress data for the asset bundle "Caitlin.unity3D".
  9. That makes sense but I suppose it precludes playing any other type of 7Days game then. Do people usually make a second copy of the game to play this?
  10. If I have this installed on my dedicated server, the players don't need it installed, correct? Sorry, I'm kinda new to all this...
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