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  1. Thanks Joel! You are doing a great work!
  2. Hope u can fix the FPS drops! im playing with my 1070Ti (8GB VRAM) as always and it goes from 60% usage to 100% in some places and fps drops to 2. 16GB RAM and i5 -8600k im not with a bad machine. It is the ONLY thing i don't like from this experimental, my friends and me (same issue, but my friend got a 2080) believe in you! =)
  3. I hadnt texted here since many time ago, but I'm back just to say THANKS, the melee is AWESOME, no more ghost hits by zombies, their hit timing is PERFECT, now is VERY VERY FUN fight in melee, at least for me!!! And the new HD textures are great!!! keep working in this way! love u TFP!
  4. I've been rising the miner 69 because it sais: lvl 1: can craft tier 2 tools lvl 2: can craft tier 3 tools lvl 3: can craft tier 4 tools lvl 4: can craft tier 5 tools lvl 5: sais nothing about tier 6 tools So im asking about what i have to do to be able to craft weapons, tools... stuff in general at tier 6 Thanks in advance!
  5. Great work!! By the way, are there any news about bandits, behemoth, the duke's casino...? I've been afk and in the first post about alpha 19 cant see anything about this stuff. By the way, ty for your work TFP! alpha 18 is awesome ^^
  6. Hope it's just delayed, i think it could be a great adition to the game, as bandits
  7. I would be satisfied with more resistant spikes, so a new steel tier could be awesome =)
  8. i've never played this game in single player, im only playing it in a vanilla server so... x-D dont missunderstand me, the game is awesome right now, but i miss those wooden bastards!
  9. im full and totally agree with you
  10. If u have to spend more ammo in a poi than the ammo you are going to loot, maybe is not worth. Solution? No rads zombies
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