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  1. Just the server VGmohag, your clients are playing on the server. Also I've done an overlay before also but I had explored very little of the map already and I did have some weird road connections. Please understand that this pack does cause some other strange anomalies, like rocket ships spawning on top of houses, or houses cut in half by a road, or ground erupting into volcanic like ground. It's still WAY funner than vanilla to explore though. Go for it.
  2. Hi Mag I started a test server and loaded the new pack (4) fresh. Here are some of the screenshots I've got for you today. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079618416/screenshots/?appid=251570 The rocket ship was a bit strange cause it landed on top of a house in the middle of the Prairie biome with NOTHING around it. Im still finding just as many errors as I did in 3. God knows Im rooting for you dude and I appreciate your work to no end. I do not get any console errors but lots of graphical issues still. I can't wait for this game to release so we can finally start working on real modding.
  3. So I ended up removing the RWGmixer that is part of this pack and loading a vanilla mixer with the Prefabs. The just don't work together, it was a MESS on two different Seeds I created fresh, no other Mods running. Buildings loading on top of each other, Multiple POI's all jumbled. I LOVED the way the prefabs were all mixed together and the spawn rate was awesome, but something needs to be fixed with the different heights they are spawning at
  4. The benefit would be it gets updated with the patch and we don't have to do it manually
  5. And another one, all jumbled up inside.
  6. Can you tell me what this one is so I can remove it from the pack? Its floating above a bunch of stuff
  7. Found another for you Mag. It's the bowling Alley (VERY creative by the way!) Stairs are flipped, it looks good otherwise
  8. Oh and this is another weird one I've run into. I've been in two of these now and both are completely empty. I've been in them before and they had desks and filing cabinets and other items to loot, but the two (that I've run into so far) on this server we are testing are empty and a few of these
  9. Hey Mag, We are testing the pack on a friends server, so far it is responding fairly well. We have some ground flaws (regions joining together and causing this gigantic volcanic eruption type of ground) and we have found quite a few mods that are collapsing, one of them Im sorry to say is your Mag10 store (my god that's an amazing mod by the way, I was able to look around and I LOVE it, (other than the big writing on it). Here's a screenie But the amount of PoI's and the variation is PERFECT!! I am itching to load it on my own server now
  10. Alot of text? All you have to do is check the dates and you'd know it's compatible with 11.4 /sigh
  11. Anyone that says something like this has absolutely never coded or even seen it done. Coding is a very LONG process, but the debugging is even longer.
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