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  1. Ok well he did say we had to load them on both and I said it was working fine without but I guess I was wrong. The strange part is the error files are only for about 40 of them and there are at least 300 Prefabs so why are the rest working fine? Weird. I'll put them on my PC and see what happens
  2. Hi Mag, I just loaded your latest and greatest for 17.1 and updated my server and started a fresh seed. But I got a lot of errors when I loaded the game for missing ID files on some of the Prefabs. Here's a screenie. If there's someway I can get you the error data without writing it all down from the F1 screen I'm happy to do that.
  3. I didn't change my map size at all. Bluefang makes you do a service ticket to change that. So mine was 4144 and still very large and I didn't experience the problems you had. It was amazing and I really am enjoying the variety. There is a lot of snow patches mixed in but I can live with that - - - Updated - - - Hmm I didn't have my players do that and they aren't having any issues Magoli. It's a dedicated server with Bluefang on a PC.
  4. I must have gotten VERY lucky because my seed is amazing. I literally have small towns all over the map and only about 4 traders. The biggest dup's I have are the Dump prefab which is fine. I call mine WorldWar Z
  5. So you can't edit a Random game on a dedicated server I'm guessing? Like if I wanted to import a prefab into my server is that possible? I'm running the Combo Pack sometimes I'd just like to add a favorite that didn't show up on the seed I chose
  6. I think it may be Batmans Bridge Apartments except it didn't look as big as his screenshots here. He mentions the pathing I noticed that is just awesome. This is the screenie I took of it - - - Updated - - - Where do I access the Game prefab Editor?
  7. It's giant (it may be apartments) It has an underground garage with a bus blocking the entrance, and it has a water tower on top where all the loot is. You basically have to work your way up and flashlights point the way to a path. It's amazing
  8. Oh nice, I'll have to look into that. Do you know who built the two prefabs I mentioned? I'd like to send them a PM
  9. Hey guys, been running the Compo pack again and would like to give a shoutout to whomever created the Water Treatment plant and the new giant hotel. i have to say these two Prefabs really stand out amongst all of your excellent works. It's like entering a puzzle and maze to try and get to the loot. The traps and walking on ledges and the sheer volume of zombies is amazing. Not to mention the detail and beauty of the buildings WOW REALLY great work. Question for you guys. Is it possible for me to import a single Prefab into the game even though I have the pack loaded I'm missing a few I would like to have in my world. Is it possible?
  10. Hey Mag, I started a new server and have run the Combo pack many times in the past. This one is by far the best it's ever worked and I'm so happy you are all still working on it. GREAT JOB
  11. Server? What server are you playing on? I've been wanting to come back and check stuff out but I want to be on a server running the Prefab. thanks in advance
  12. I never said it was Mags fault. Please read where I agreed with him about this being the worst release. I meant A 13.8
  13. Hey Mags, this is by far the worst release in my opinion also. And it works horribly with the CP. 75% of my cities are floating and the biome spawning is horrific, Huge chunks of desert, Huge chunks of pine forest and little patches of everything else in between. Can you make sure with the next release that any floating issues are fixed purty please Thanks so much for all you do
  14. I have no idea what you are talking about Stompy. Only this ONE small city is doing it, the rest are fine. I don't write code, so your explanation is over my head. Thanks anyway.
  15. Yea that's what I figured, I'll have to put up Road signs that say "Danger Ahead" and orange cones, LOL Im NOT doing a new seed just for that.
  16. Hi Mags, I was wondering if you had a quick fix for a problem I have. I loaded the latest Compo pack and my seed is pretty good but I have one smallish "hub" city where all the buildings are one block above ground. It's only that one city, is there a quick fix for this? I already tried deleting the region and didn't think that would work but tried anyway, same issue when it respawned.
  17. Actually the RWG has always been a problem with Mag's Compo work, Im not so sure you can decide how many spawn in each biome. I've literally spawned 20 seeds and NONE have been the way I want them. But with the most recent changes and the lack of Min max settings I don't feel comfortable enough to make changes to it myself so I've settled for a much more barren world also. On the 13.0 release I had found a PERFECT seed and my biomes were covered in POI's it was awesome. I was very sorry to change it. Please don't take this as an insult on Mags, he's amazing and works incredibly hard for this community but the RWG is a huge problem that the Devs should really help us with, I truly believe they don't want us Modding.
  18. Sounds like you need the XML fix that Clockwork Orange has, I was having spawn issues until I loaded his XML fix mod.
  19. He's kidding, he's a sarcastic guy but we still like him
  20. Hi Magoli, is the old World Trade center just called Skyscraper now? I need to take it out it still causes way too much lag in my cities. Thank you!
  21. I've done overlays MANY times, it's not the best way to do it but it has never broken my game. I also just try and delete all the regions that don't have land claims. If you have a fully explored map (or as close as any of us get) I wouldn't do it. Im going to start a fresh game, it's so fun!!
  22. Goldenrod for sure, the yellow flower is just an annoyance and sometimes you are running around picking flowers and looting and you barely have any inventory room and then you get back and you realize one of your slots has been taken up by a useless yellow flower, GRRRRRR LOL
  23. The lag Im getting is pretty bad but I'm also doing the Decorate me mod, is anyone else have really bad lag since the patch? I've gone from 60fps to about 32
  24. Im having no issues, I loaded the update, updated my Decorate me mod, didn't change anything with the RWG and deleted some of the region files (cities) so I would have fresh and I flew around to about 4 hub cities and no issues with anything. Maybe a bit more lag. And my ingame map is offcenter, but that's not the prefabs.
  25. You just drop the entire folder for the prefabs in and you overwrite the RWG with Mag's RWG and it does take quite awhile to upload them all, after all it's about 800 files I believe. What did you delete?
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