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    System specs
    Cpu = I7 875k (first gen i core)
    mobo= emachines 1862 (intel h57)
    ram= 4X4gb @665mhz (i know it's slow, one day i'll look into it)
    hd= 128 sandisk ssd
    gpu=gainward geforce gtx 560 TI
    audio=via graphics card, dvi to hdmi output
    screen= 1440X900 as a "custom" resolution (1024X768 really)
    OS= win7 ultimate X64
    "multiple use pipe system" in pimp dreams (electricity, water and/or items via a virtual environment that is affected by the game world)
    "the world" - A rant with ideas on how to make the game feel more alive
    "mechanisms" - a concept for creating "moving" environments and contraptions, from a minecraft mod...
    (hopefully this is a signature, since i can't find it in the settings)
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