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  1. not popular enough to update consoles its currently availerble on tho aye? the issue should have been investigated week ago when it was brought to lite and your statement from saturday should have recognized the mistake but yes i am glad someone is finally using common sense to look into it, i personallly still think its bad practice to resell a game when you have made no steps to differentiate the differences which are vast between pc and console but i do recognise from a buissness sense it might make sense, 7 days even in its current form is of course still enjoyable despite alot of issues, its just such a simple soulution, mark it on store pages that it doesnt contain content from 2017 onwards and keeep selling or do whatever cheers for the reply roland
  2. you clearly have no clue how marketing works and retailors, you think gamestores go copy pasting info from every game they sell from steam or others? as said ultimately tfp are responsible for their marketing their product and descriptions and how they are given to supermarkets or stores, thats like saying cd project red are not responsible for the poor running of their game and its all microsofts and playstations issue, hardcore defenders who clearly play pc, havent got a clue what the console experience is like try and come in with any old explanation disregarding how the games industry works. it pretty simple, tfp have the power to talk to their distributers, correct any mistake and it might not be such a big deal, but all the while they dont thousands of peopel will be buying copies of the game assuming it has content based of information tfp gave or didnt check with their distributors, of course its on retail stores to refund but its on tfp to correct the mistake instead of as usual blame everyone else for there non consumer friendly practices also you seem prenially involved in any discussion regarding consoles on these forumns and very quick to shutdown and blindly defend, judging by ya history your a bad faith stooge so wont bother replying to you again, have a nice day!
  3. the tfp authroized the retailer partner to send these copies to stores, so by default because thats how these thinsg work they are responsible for the wrong false misleading info advertized across many websites adn in game stores so no beef simply they need to change the descriptions given to stores, they cannot just shift blame, they need to rectify a mistake even if it wasnt directly them, its partners they have paid money too, how does that concept not resonate?
  4. Despite me bringing it some attention, tfp have done what they always have, mitigated and minimised fans frustration over their handling of the console ports, the latest entry in the saga, their new partnership to sell pyschical editions via partners all around the world has some fundemental issues with false advertizing FACT info given to various retailers all has the description of the ps4 game especially, listing features not in current versions of the game, ie electricity, multiple vehicles and auto turrets, this is diffferent from what previously was found on old listings on websites such as game.uk which did not suggest that a new re-release version was the same as pc FACT this info has been given to retailers by the retail partnership who tfp will not mention by name, this needs to be rectified as like now or you are selling goods under false pretenses, retailers in this instance are not simply copy and pasting from steam and if they are then they need to be corrected by tfp SUGGESTION what tfp need to do is create their own rundown of what teh console version has and additionally add disclaimer that the game only contains content up to 2017 and will not be updated in future Given the nature of physical releases not everyone sifts through online forumns social media or youtube to discover what version their game has, its extremly cynical and misleading that tfp have continued to allow the digital store fronts to carry on selling without updating the game info also and should also be changed to better reflect what people are buying we know current consoles with 7days to die will not be getting updated content, but it still leaves the question of what happens when pc version goes gold, tfp have stated they will look to port complete version for next gen, and i think they should let people know now weather they intend to give either UPGRADE for free, paid updgrade or discount for current console generation to next gen I will continue to raise these subjects till i see improvement, and can only hope tfp hire some proper marketing team, proper social media managers and review who and how their moderators act on forumns and in discord as thus far its been inadequate from all sides agree dissagree let me hear your thoughts
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