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  1. I had to remove the increased zombie spawn rate again because it was making the server instable.
  2. we´re now at least 4 active players, mostly cooperating currently. Upgraded the experience with a few neat server sided mods: - removed crosshair when aiming with the weapon - bigger stack sizes - 3x increased zombie spawn rate
  3. Server is still there and will not be wiped for the foreseeable future. Join if you´re up for a new experience.
  4. Hey folks, I invite you over to my server if you like to have a challenge which makes teamwork even more rewarding. Just have a look at my post for more details. Hope to see you around.
  5. Hey man, the bedrock height I didn´t change myself but integrated this mod which does it: https://7daystodiemods.com/shallow-ground/ The player block damage can be changed in the serverconfig.xml Cheers!
  6. Hey man, thanks for the feedback. There are still underground POIs and they are encapsulated in bedrock with the same distance. Meaning, if you destroy a wall in a bunker POI 2 blocks deep, you'll hear that familiar sound. However, there are no burried supply quests and treasure maps. Hope to see you around! Cheers
  7. Hey fellow survivors! Let me invite you over to the Murder Island, a PvPvE server which will challenge you, guaranteed! Currently we are a small group of players inhabiting the island but there is room for more. After all, once in a while someone goes missing... We also have a Discord server. Join us there for all the details and friendly communication. https://discord.gg/xtjYwtwmPT Server Facts: - Location: Frankfurt, Germany - Premium Server with high end hardware and anti-lag technology (we have a Canadian fellow playing at 50 ping) - IP:Port Gameplay quick facts: - map size 4096 x 4096 (relatively small so we actually meet each other) - Zombie Difficulty 5 (hardest) - Bloodmoon every 3rd night. (Day 20, 23, 26...) - large hordes. - Daylength = 240 Minutes. Night time 22:00 - 04:00 (60 real life minutes) - 200% XP - 200% Loot - Zombies drop loot more often - Bedrock is 2 blocks below surface - no one can hide underground - POIs can be claimed and used as base. An active bed or claim block prevents the POI to be reset by quests. - Player and Zombie block damage is greatly reduced for a more solid/realistic feeling of the world - Greatly increased yield from mining - 4 claim blocks with infinite claim protection but only 3x3 claim area. This is just for securely storing your most important stuff, not to build a whole base inside the protection. - Steel blocks can be upgraded to Carbon Steel Blocks (40k HP, upgrade cost: 100 scrap polymer) We are open to all playstyles, PVP or cooperative PVE or even solo PVE if you just want to come around and try these settings. The sanctuary is open for new survivors - battle tested and proven, for the time being anyways.
  8. Heya, how´s it going in good old navezgane? Just in case you´re up for a somewhat new experience on a new map, come over to our server. It´s a new, pretty nice map, slightly modded on the server side (no downloads necessary) and has some other features I haven´t seen on any other server so far. Just try it out for yourself, we´re always welcoming new players. IP : Port The server is PVE + PVP but it´s really up to the individual. I´m looking to grow a small / medium sized player base for the server where people play to have fun, not to make others lose the fun. More details are on our Discord: https://discord.gg/WAkTehsk Cya around!
  9. Hi fantismo, I have sent you a friend request on steam. Maybe you want to join us on my server which is dual PVE / PVP but definitely builder friendly. PVP is more for endgame when PVE is no challenge anymore - which takes a while, promised (difficulty maxed). But you can entirely focus on PVE if you want, no problem. I´m definitely up for building together with you as I´m enjoying it a lot. Join our discord and have a look at the details: https://discord.gg/WAkTehsk Or just hop on the server and try it out yourself. IP : Port Cheers, Mal
  10. Hey man, hope you´re having fun doing the series. If you´re looking for a PvP+PvE server that has a fresh touch, maybe you want to try out ours. It has server side mods but is still close to vanilla in general. One remarkable change is that bedrock starts 2 blocks under surface - no more underground bases and players hiding from each other. You can see who´s living where which is always more fun. Server started only a few days ago. Map size is 4k which is good for a small to medium sized player base which I´m looking to grow. You find all the details on our Discord: https://discord.gg/WAkTehsk Or just hop on the server and try it out yourself. IP : Port Cheers!
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