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  1. Oh yeah, think my heartrate jumped up as soon as I put myself back in that corner. Had to sit outside the building for a minute to calm down
  2. Actually just realized where I messed up a 4th time. Shot open the wall so all the construction zombies could join the fun right away. lol
  3. Probably the most intense moment I've had in this game so far so I wanted to share 3 things I messed up doing here... forgot to wear nerdy glasses so I didn't get T5 turret perk and I ran in like an idiot not expecting that many zombies, also forgot I turned the difficulty up to survivalist shortly before this mission so I should have been more careful
  4. Totally understand the balancing reasons, especially since they don't use brass. Doesn't mean they wouldn't be a blast to use with a buff though maybe then I could play on insane difficulty
  5. Never actually used one IRL but my armchair analysis tells me yes they're beasts And yeah, I've always wanted a game that has the shotties true potential instead of making it useless past ~10m
  6. Hey guys never made a request here but I've been thinking of this and I think it'd be really fun. I only have a little bit of experience editing XMLs in this stuff in this game, like perk pts per level and minor stuff like that, how hard would it be to change the shotgun so the pellets/slugs don't dissappear after a short distance, and so the damage falloff is less? Is that something that can be done quickly by editing game files or is it much more complex?
  7. I looked but I had a few play sessions since that happened now so I don't know which one it is. If it happens again I'll come back here & post it, thanks.
  8. Since limbs only take 1 pt of damage, does that mean dismemberment on limbs will be nearly impossible? & If I just want the increased spawns, would I just download spawning.zip? Thanks
  9. I have 16GB but it's DDR3 since that's all my mobo will take. gotta upgrade it soon. I'm also at ~12GB usage but it will often jump up to near 100% usage, will check my texture streaming settings next time I'm ingame, thanks
  10. As a side note.. Does anyone know an effective setting to change to reduce RAM usage ingame? Like is there any unoptimized settings? My resolution is turned down lower than native, and settings are at about half, and I close down most other programs but it still uses almost all my RAM which I think causes my PC to crash sometimes when playing.
  11. Upgrade them to steel, if I'm not mistaken, that effectively gives the blocks 12k HP. 7k from steel, then they downgrade to 5k reinforced. That's good enough for 2 demos & then some. And like Laz said, it's pretty quick to lay them out with AP 7.62 or AP 9mm. Aim for the head or back if you wanna be safe, or if you don't want to risk it at all, don't shoot them unless their back is turned to you
  12. Nevermind. I re-copied the files a second time and it worked, oddly enough. Maybe I missed a folder the first time. Problem solved I guess phew
  13. This is the third time I've had this happen, I've now lost 2 day 50+ characters. My PC has some issues with crashing when running this game, and when it does, it deletes my character. so after having it happen twice I started backing up my save files Am I correct in backing up these files or are they the wrongs ones or something? https://i.imgur.com/K183aJ0.png Even after restoring the old files I can't load onto my old character, it just makes me a new character at level one. Any suggestions? is there other files I need to backup as well?
  14. Yes I've died twice blowing myself up with the steel pipe bombs already xD.. So good job there I'm too used to the weaker iron ones. I don't have much problem with the stack size since 20 is already plenty IMO, and yeah, 20 is the vanilla limit for pipe bombs too, 25 for grenades. Wouldn't mind if it was upped though since that would mostly just be QOL. I don't bring them with me on my day-to-day looting anyways, only horde nights. The throwing velocity/distance of the steel bombs do feel a bit unnatural to me though yeah, like my guy has noodle arms The explosion radius, personally
  15. Thanks, would be nice if they listed each weapon a perk affects, like the melee ones do.
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