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  1. it was weird as its never happened before and doesnt happen any more. it only happened when i went into this one building. hasnt happened since
  2. i was just wondering if it specified anything you recognized as i cant make anything of it or does it seem that it specifies any mods to me. like it did with others. oh well. thanks anyway
  3. I cant tell what the problem is with this information. like if a mod im using is conflicting or something else. im guessing something is trying to spawn? 😃 thank you for help
  4. removed a mod that i realized was conflicting with DF. now i have to deal with hornets again. i really hate them as their sound is awful imo just hurts me ears T_T
  5. random horde frequency would also be a fun mod to use think its just called horde frequency on nexus
  6. i summoned a baby cow for the first time. then it started tweaking out. is that what you guys were talking about the animals bugged?
  7. restarting isnt so bad. i do it all the time
  8. i am worried that steam would force it on me. supposedly i dont have to worry about that till around november? im sure the updates will be great. but i still prefer the style of DF . it will be strange for sure
  9. make another book is the only way i can think of
  10. do i avoid the a20 update before you are ready to realease new df update? is that how it works? i havent been around enough to experience this. like would the update force me back to vanilla?
  11. i can now see my biceps or whatever when holding a melee weapon. my for arms are visibly detached when i swing a melee weapon. kinda weird
  12. conflicting mods? i couldnt imagine which. but you could try moving out mods until it works. it sounds like daunting work but if you really want to figure it out. only thing i could think of. well that or reinstalling DF
  13. works for me with a clay bowl in inventory and right or left click(forgot which) . i heard jars work but only clay bowls work for me
  14. did the " you're nothing special" quest and the last zombie doesnt even show up. i feel robbed
  15. kinda funny as i had this exact problem with the crucible and asked the same question here. you need to upgrade your forge i think. (i suck at remembering things) edit: didnt know this was answered already. yay interwebs
  16. so i just finished mechanic quests. yet rank2 didnt unlock. its red and i have no idea what the requirements are. i can also unlock grease monkey 2 according to my current requirements but am unable to do so. anyone run into something like that maybe? unless theres a hiden requirement >.> edit: ....uh. can the -1 to attributes from a severe infection cause this? edit: mk nevermind. i guess your level isnt shown as a requirement but i leveled enough to unlock g monkey 2 fully. guess ill just wait longer to ask things and hopefully embarrass myself less 😛
  17. i forgot sap was a thing. am i supposed to see sap in my crafting list? i dont. *panic edit: no longer panicking as i realized that i could get sap from trees just like getting water from lakes
  18. i am using DF but as for unlock options it doesnt check off anything when i use it. like the shematic for the 44 magnum example. i mean i could take it to df forum if need be. i just dont or didnt know its a df thing
  19. *use a schematic and dont unlock being able to make it. perfect this a common thing among folks?
  20. a quest that always fails for me is the "im a lumberjack and thats okay" i kill them with an axe and it still doesnt register so i have to cancel it ><
  21. just found a crossbow that is lvl 61 and its weaker than my current lvl 21 crossbow (no mods). i am confuzzled curious. it works for me but what is the idea behind your leveling system compared to core's 1,2,3 etc starting at 11 i think or is it just more levels? i didnt play core all too much before i discovered your mod so i cant compare it that much. maybe just more levels? lol
  22. will this happen after the a20 update?
  23. why do zombie bears always spawn in pairs at your location. for example how did that bear get into this closed room with me?
  24. how does horde night work in DF? ive been playing for a while. the default in menu is 8. but (no argument here) i get what seems endless amount (until it ends) of zombies. does DF add some kind of multiplier to horde night?
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