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  1. i think i might have been using mods that screwed with df also lol . i took a few mods out . now i have ferals coming at me during the day along with frozen lumberjacks T_T i died 😛
  2. i was just curious . because i had the other one. but then i realized the frequency mod was the one i meant to be using the whole time but wasnt was just looking at the config entity groups . spider horde "animal spider" !!! nightmare fuel <?xml version="1.0"?> -<config> -<append xpath="/entitygroups"> -<entitygroup name="spiderHorde"> <entity name="animalSpider"/> </entitygroup> </append> </config> does this mean im going to see hordes of spiders? >< but i guess i dont know how to edit these things. i am noob that has the dumb edit: i think i just figured out by right clicking and selecting edit(duh right?) : so ill just need to figure out the information thanks
  3. does jax teller wandering horde mod (which i think just adjusts the size of them?) work with your horde frequency mod?
  4. so i just realized that the "no spiders" mod i have is for the spider zombies. is there a mod to get rid of those giant actual spiders? i really do freak out around those things i may have had it at one point but new install and what not edit: wait i found the file the khaine gave me a while back i think that was it. i hope ><
  5. sweet. so i wont toss it out anymore lol
  6. so its just faster than the rest up to cobblestone? well thats cool that it keeps its uses even though i found a claw hammer
  7. is the stone hammer like special in a way better than all the other repair tools? i noticed when i get the claw hammer that it takes two swings while the hammer takes one for each level just to get to cobblestone from base frame being that its exclusive to DF i think
  8. ah. sorry about that. i fixed it by deleting the region files. i can now talk to joel. sorry about anoyying you. guess i should google first
  9. i dont know anything about that. but i reinstalled the game and DF and i no longer have twin guard captains but trader joel is no longer active, cant talk to him or what not. but i can hit him. so i guess there is that' how do i fix it? oh also talking to the guard captain completed the talk to the trader quest for some reason
  10. so. not only do i have twin guard captains. the trader is under ground even though joel is upstairs. i cant talk to him. so his soul must be in the depths ><
  11. i never really cared for sorcery mod. maybe explosive arrows? first time saw a cow and harvisted one. i was disappointed by the amount of meat i got. i was hoping it would be more than with like a boar or chicken
  12. petition for cows to drop hamburgers when you scalp them instead of raw meat. yes please
  13. I did. I didnt kill any more guards. just saying i got 2 of the captains again next to each other on that map. i started a new game on DF small1 and this time i got sent to Bob and no double guards and i hope there are no spiders this time. i really dont like spiders
  14. doh. i reinstalled DF and i still get double guard captains at Joel's on DFsmall map 2
  15. they're nightmare fuel is what they are 🥺
  16. got that double guard captain at traitor joel's place again . gues that map is bugged or something. ill make sure not to kill the guard this time and get an OP horde for first time again and i dont think my anti spider modlet is working T_T
  17. what the heck lol. day 7 i had night stalkers, feral wites or however you spell it , giant foodball zombies. so many zombies for first horde night . needless to say i died
  18. i ended up just killing one of the guards. problem solved 😃 and thank you for the link. my heart thanks you
  19. can someone point me towards the DF no spider mod? new pc and i think mine broke? i really hate spiders
  20. what the heck is going on here? lol new game double guard captains?
  21. no it just makes you hit harder etc. just sharing my love of clubs 😛 i just checked and it says you need to unlock salvaging operations(1pt) under Mechanic for steel club which is strange. though ive never made one. always found it
  22. question. what would happen if you loaded a saved game from vanilla after installing DF? like would it load normally without error just new features or like or an error where it just wont work?
  23. i set up a df server and then my friends never joined me because they didnt want to install the DF local client T_T
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