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  1. Sound direction is also very confusing. Often I have no idea whether zeds are coming from left, right, front or behind - so I run few steps in each direction and try to judge by loudness of the noise. This might easily be the most annoying thing for me currently.
  2. Needed to think for a minute, and there are two things that actually keep me playing - survival and variety. For both, it's just better fit to play permadeath with no traders, at least for me. For survival, lesser loot without respawn is a must. And for variety, limiting myself with different self-imposed restrictions does the trick - single biome, single perk tree, etc.
  3. Oh, forgot: - watch for mines. really Use roads for walking. Don't run randomly, whatever your emergency. Clear the mines around your base. Clear the "corridors" so you can visually pick the safe route, even in the dark/bad visibility. Check surroundings before fighting even a single zombie. Check surroundings before back pedaling. Maybe take a perk that gives you half a sec/sec more. I'm not completely convinced about the perk. Tried it couple times, sometimes it lets you survive, but it's better to learn how to avoid the mines completely. And with such setup, you are starved for skills so each one is precious.
  4. Tried dozen times wasteland-only run, the key is NOT to use traders - then it becomes completely different game. Best I got was to day 80, with this setup: wasteland only map without traders, permadeath, no nerdpole, no gimmicky bases, 75% loot, 75% exp, no airdrops, loot doesn't respawn. Several things that I found crucial: - don't get infected - live on snakes and bear fat - don't go out at night - watch for birds constantly - fortify your mines and make them with a way out - as your range expands, build safe spots every couple hundred meters - once you have AK or better, carry it at all times How not to get infected: Watch for birds. Put first point into brawler perk that gives you immunity if you hit zeds firsts. Watch for birds. Put padded armor asap. Watch for birds. Don't walk around with less than full health, even if it means waiting for a day. F*cking birds. Often I give myself the book for honey from trees right from the start - no stumps in wasteland and you won't be looting left and right any time soon, so a book gives you a fighting chance without making it easy. Why and how to live on snakes and bear fat: You will be killing a LOT of zombie bears and dogs, so you'll have a lot of fat. But you need some meat for proper meals to take them together with fat, to avoid losing health. Put second point into animal tracker. Stop and crouch often to find snakes, kill them with a spear while walking backwards, whatever your primary melee might be. Make 4-cobblestone-pillar platform on road crossing in front of your base, with wooden bars making the platform itself, and ladders on all 4 sides so you have a clear run&jump when chased by a bear/dogs. Have a chest up there FULL of spears. Throw spears at dogs/bear. Note that all the spears might not be enough for a bear if you miss the head enough times - you will need to jump off, pull some spears out from the bear or the ground when he's distracted, run around and come back up to finish him. Sounds tricky but if you need to do it only once it shouldn't be too dangerous if you are careful. As your radius grows, make such platform (with spears and everything) every couple hundred meters. You can even build partial "roof" from wooden bars. Because visibility is often lacking, painting the ladders yellow can be quite helpful. Note that bears have quite a few glitches in their animations - they can glitch through doors, tight spaces, glitch-jump 3 blocks - this is the only safe way I found how to kill them early. Once you have a proper base, good weapons and a farm running, it becomes pretty similar to any other run. You just need to be careful random bears don't surprise you while mining, looting cellars, etc. ps. difficulty is usually warrior but sometimes nomad, depends how I feel
  5. That was it - after reinstall, I needed to tell 7dtd to prefer eGPU (from osX info sreen you get when selecting 7dtd app and Cmd+I). Now it works very nicely on medium settings Thanks! Off to investigate KingGen.. ps. just as info for anyone who might read this one day: openGL 4.1 is the last available version for MacOS, and can't be updated since it's integrated
  6. Back home, i.e. trying now with same setup (with Radeon RX570 eGPU) that worked 3 months ago. Uninstalled the game via Steam, deleted 7dtd folder in steamapps/common, installed latest stable. The problem still persists, tried with Navezgane. Here is the log I found in steamapps/common/7dtd, there are some warnings but also it mentions some shader not available: https://www.dropbox.com/s/amru7f9squiop89/output_log__2021-08-26__09-02-18.txt?dl=0 Thanks everyone for suggestions. Will investigate eGPU drivers next. And KingGen once I get the game working again. edit: typo
  7. Macbook has integrated graphic drivers, not sure how to check whether anything got updated. It's late here, will investigate tomorrow. Everything worked fine 3 months ago, with a19. With both vanilla and Darkness Falls. Currently the issue is with vanilla, I wanted to play it so did (or tried to do) clean install. Performance is horrible, which wasn't the case before, but haven't yet tried to optimize video settings because I can't really play with wrong textures. Edit: Usually I'm playing with eGPU which is currently not the case (for whole Summer I'm relocated). Last time I successfully played 7dtd without eGPU was exactly 1 year ago, during last Summer. It was on pretty low video settings but managable.
  8. Thanks BFT2020! Cleaned game data, validated files, started new game - unfortunately still the same.
  9. I like this idea very much. I usually set the world to intentionally prolong the time it takes me to feel secure and all-set, when I get bored and just start a new world. (Last dozen games were: no traders, no nerdpole, dead-is-dead, lower loot, no loot respawn, lower xp, random bloodmoon, pure wasteland map... first several tries were terrifying). If we had pressing reason to actually prepare and clear that SGM factory ASAP, that might be a great motivator to "step up". And also I feel somewhat cheated when I clear half a city and soon zombies are again all there, not just random stragglers. So the mechanic of having zombie "spawn POIs" might really improve both of the above.
  10. Hi all, mac player with 1.400 hrs without unusual issues since a16 - up to now. I haven't played for 3 months and now in new game all the terrain textures are wrong. (I tried full reinstall, steam validation and also started a new game) Snow looks like dirt, but when I hit it it yields snow but still looks like dirt. Trees and bushes are covered with snow normally, though. Grassland looks like dirt, when I hit it it still looks like dirt and yields clay. Burned ground looks partially like snow, like it's mixed orange terrain with white myst, when I hit it (once is enough) white stuff is no more, similar to how voxels change how they blend into each other when mining. Asphalt looks like dirt, when I hit it it changes to normal asphalt. Wasteland terrain (these partial bricks and whatnot) also looks like dirt, but when hit changes to normal wasteland terrain. Last time it worked: 3 months ago I was playing daily for several weeks, on nitrogen generated random maps, everything was normal. Then I have installed Darkness Falls, it worked okey but didn't really catch me so after couple days stopped playing until now. Yesterday I decided to play again but to return to "vanilla" a19. Here is what I did: - Deleted complete steam folder for 7dtd - Let steam download latest version - generated new nitrogen map - crerated new game on this new nitrogen map ==> above described problem appeared - tried new game on Navezgane ==> again same problem - let steam validate the files, it said 100% okay - uninstalled the game (via steam) - found user settings (in user/Library/...) and deleted everything, just in case - installed the game completely clean (as far as I can tell) via steam - created new game on Navezgane - it asked me to create new character, so done that - started game ==> same problem - validated files again, again it said 100% okay - played with video settings (low, high, randomly turning off options or lowering texture quality), each time quit the game to desktop, restarted, and started new game on different map from official pre-generated ones ==> same problem My comp is macbook air 2019, it played game normally on low-mid video settings for many many hours. EAC is off. Cheat menu is off. Player.log in Library/Logs/Unity/ is zero bytes and last modified almost a year ago. Burned ground screenshot attached. No idea what to try next. Please help.
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