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  1. Yes, i too can't understand what changed during the afternoon .. i'm starting to believe my windows/router firewall went nuts and removing/re-adding the whole port set fixed it. Who knows...
  2. We checked for any packet loss but didn't find any. Anyway after opening the suggested port we tried again and were able to play without issues. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks to you both. I'll open the suggested port UDP/26903 and check for packet loss enabling ICMP (i totally forgot to try that).
  4. Hello, me and a friend have been playing the game without issues since a couple of weeks. (with me as the server host). Today, during our game session, he started experiencing delays (due to high ping) and now he cannot join my game anymore. Even starting a new game doesn't work. We have the same version and no port forwarding/windows firewall has been touched today nor windows updates were downloaded. - I've tried disabling everything (firewall and antivirus) - I've tried uninstalling completely the game (clean uninstall) and reinstalling it. - I've tried opening custom ports and using them with the dedicated server tool - I've tried rebooting my router (Fritz!box 7530) after removing and adding again 7dtd ports nothing worked. Even if he manages to join (after a long wait time) he is stuck with a very high ping value (about 190000) I checked my connection and i didn't find issues. We can both join other servers without issues. These are the opened ports: UDP: 26900-26902 TCP: 26900 Any suggestion? Thanks
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