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  1. @Naz I've set the affinity config as you said (0, 2, 4, 6), instead getting 81-125 now i'm getting 98-119 while most of time seeing numbers between 101 and 111 so I can say both combined are pretty good, even lowered the highest peak I'm getting more average fps and better stability. Now I'm gonna test in-game video options to check if some make more difference than before and conclude this entire stuff. @SylenThunder as a moderator, do you thing this entire stuff qualifies to be a pinned "something" as instructions for everyone to reach the most performance possible on the game or something similar? I can write it down pointing Naz's post about 4-core limit plus this boot.config tweak as well as video options tweaks and Naz can provide benchmarks and maybe add further details for example (if you want so as you've already screenshot some).
  2. understood, I'm taking a try just now and let's see
  3. It's talking about steam launch commands. These launch options work for almost all the games. They may not sometimes work with third party applications and nor they are always compatible with everyone present in the Steam store, it does not matter the matter of discussion being CS:GO, I wanted to try it with 7D2D as well and I told you the results, you may test it isolated to see if it makes any difference to you as you benefit of this affinity tweak, I can't say much because setting affinity for 4 real cores (8 virtual cores) does not add any improvement on performance nor stability to me as far as I've tried.
  4. That's great so it means many users could get a boost performance combining those tweaks! I've no tool to bench this and 7d2d has no built-in bench, I'm just trying to help with what I could found and what I've tried so far walking around the same like 200x200 with this tweaks enabled/disabled/combined looking at the fps count and I'm telling you the result. Btw how does it come that you get better result limiting the game to 4 cores on a 4 core CPU? Doesn't limit the cores to 4 means "use all cores" anyway? Also I would like to know which tool do you use to bench this images out so I can use it as well to post the results
  5. Hahaha I understand, btw I'm quite old to know that some games use some resources more than others and experienced a quite good gaming back those days when 144Hz monitors didn't even exist, I only seeked to avoid those drops to 20fps and having the game running over 45-50 always. BTW I've managed to reach that, read the long comment before if you are interested on knowing more. For the CPU concerns I let the system to choose the freqs by default, not planning OCing it at this point, I did OCed a bit the mem clock (native speed is 3200) and now I've both RAM and CPU mem clock running at 3466 (it breaks down if I try to go further). I may pick a 5600X on a near future just to upgrade my wife's CPU which is older using my current 3600X, I suppose that I can get a little improvement with the 5600x in comparison to the current 3600X, let's see.
  6. Added different hardware test: A friend of mine who uses a Ryzen 3400G (without dedicated GPU) has increased the fps count from around 30-35 to 40-52 depending on the scene and gained stability by doing this boot.config tweak. Extra info: 2x8Gb DDR4 3200 dual-channel Game installed on an SSD.
  7. This is not true at all, the GPU will affect the texture quality, texture filters, object quality, render distance and so on so your statement would be true if you've all those graphic options set to lowest/disabled. Even using the CPU to deal with many things, the GPU is needed for many things while gaming.
  8. Sorry for the late response, I was checking for other options to tweak this instead telling my OS to use certain core count for a given software because in order to make a strict core association to a given software to work well you'll need to edit the core usage for ALL running apps including system processes which is a titanic task and suitable for drawbacks, otherwise you can get better fps but some other app can malfunction such discord, chrome and whatever. I've 3 monitors and I use all of them with different things so It's a bad option to me, this is of course a TWEAK that can or cannot be achieved using 3rd party software but it will definitely affect the entire computer performance at least during game sessions on 7d2d. I was playing with some different tweaks late at night so I recap some info and now I'm detailing you what I've tried and what I got: First, I tried -USEALLAVAILABLECORES steam launch command to see if it does make a difference, it does not. Then I've found a thread about Unity games, that seems to work for both 7d2d and Escape from Tarkov -I assume it works well with other games made with Unity as well- it seems the best way-to-go so far, let me TL;DR the stuff here and I'll add the link to the source I originally found: 1- Go to the 7DaysToDie_Data folder inside the game installation folder, i.e. mine is: F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data 2- Locate a file named boot.config (or simply boot as config origin file, depending on your folder view options on windows) 3- Open it with notepad, VSCode or any text editor of this kind, avoid using word or text processors like this to edit config files to avoid unwanted changes. 4- You should see something like this: 5- We'll just add gfx-enable-gfx-jobs=1 at the top and a 1 as value for "gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs=", the entire file will look like this: !!* DON'T COPY PASTE ALL THE LINES, the forum is changing the word d e b u g g e r for de@%$# on the third line, just copy the first one and add a 1 at the end of the current "gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs=" 6- Save, close the editor and launch the game Results: 1- Staring on a given place, I went where I got low fps in the past (20fps before graphic options tweak explained before) - I was getting 58-92 fps depending if day/night and the current status (you know this fps ups and downs), lights and so. - Now I'm getting 90-120 fps on the same place 2- Walking around, looting and stuff like that: - Before this change I as playing at an average of 58fps -unstable- with high fps increases and decreases, sometimes from 90 to 40. - After the change, the lowest peak I could see so far -yet- is 81 fps while I was able to see peaks over 125 fps 😍 and the average is around 91. - Before (fps count on the top left corner) - After (fps count on the top left corner) Original post that I used: Link Combining tweaks: I tried to use the affinity thing using task manager to set the affinity for 4 cores only while having the "gfx-enable-gfx-jobs=1" and "gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs=1" codes in boot.config, it does not make much difference, same fps, a bit less stability so we cannot combine them both (at least with my current hardware). Giving that I would say that edit the boot.config would be a better option as you let the OS to choose which cores/threads to use while getting a good amount of FPS using the tweak that is isolated to the game. Other options: I saw there's a -threads launch command that can be set in steam launch options which I guess can deal to the same result than using the affinity thing. I mean if you set up the game to run on cores 0, 1, 2, 3 it will use (if muli-threading enabled) the threads: 0/1, 0/2, 1/1, 1/2, 2/1, 2/2, 3/1, 3/2 So if you set the launch command to use those threads, the result should be the same than saying "use this specific cores". * Note that this is my guess, I said I'm a software engineer and it's true but I work on a different field so I may be wrong if any of those options have underlying effects that I know nothing about. There is also another option like -high which makes it a high priority process but well, check the details here I've tried: -threads 4 -high -threads 8 -high -threads 4 -threads 8 Result: -threads 4 deals a performance loss, -threads 8 does not make any difference and -high does not make any difference as well. Recap: There are multiple ways to increase performance in 7D2D: - Lowering shadow distance and reflections does make a huge difference even with an RTX 3080 - If your GPU is part of the issue you can try using any re-scaling tech (such AMD's built-in image sharpening, check your AMD software) or using the in-game built-in option (options -> Screen -> Dynamic res -> Scale) checking the perfect resolution % for performance/appearance that you like. - Editing the boot.config file does make a huge difference, in my case it's +12,5% (average) CPU usage and around +30 average FPS. - Editing the boot.config seems to not combine with core affinity tweak so I'll say that editing the boot.config is the way to go as it has less drawbacks than core affinity has. Check it if you can/want and tell us your results to see if this is specifically working like that with my hardware or does it work similar with yours. My Hardware - AMD Ryzen 3600X, Watercooled, no OC. - RAM 4x8Gb DDR4 3466MHz - Game installed on a Sabrent 1TB Rocket Q4 NVMe PCIe 4.0 - Asus Prime x570-P mobo - Nvidia RTX 3080 Mods All of this were tried in Alpha 19.6 (b8) vanilla (NO MODS installed)
  9. Sincerely... I could but I don't want to. As I've said I'm a software engineer, I don't work on games but the principle is the same, struggle with your code to make the things easier to your users/customers. The easier things are for the user and the smoother the experience with your product, the more users you keep hooked on for longer. This game need tones of tweaks, probably would be better after those years to pick a new framework (which work well with modern hardware) and re-code it on a brand new clean version with new textures and that all, but that's none of my business. My rule is to never tweak my PC for a given game, if the devs didn't bother why should I? I can waste some of my time to take the trouble of search a bit on internet, ask on some forum and so on but that's the limit. The current balance is that I can play at this fps because I consider it enough entertaining to me, if I had had an average of less than 40 and the unique possible solution were to tweak my PC or play it with game boy visuals, it were in all probability uninstalled and forgot long time ago, luckily it never happened so here we are.
  10. Ok guys I read this limit to 4 true cores and that all but... tbh I'm not gonna install any software to play with the cores to play a game, I thought there was any launch command or game setting such config files or whatever but as long as it seems the only way is using third party software.. I'll just avoid that. Not for a weird reason, I'm a software engineer myself and I've my computer tweaked to work well and working is my main job on the computer, gaming is the second so... priorities. I was playing with the settings, I'll detail the current config: 2560x1440p, full screen dynamic res. -> disabled vsync -> disabled FoV -> 75 (i've a curved monitor and usually like to increase the default a bit, for reference, default is 65, max is 85). In quality I've set the settings to Ultra and then I edited the following: - Reflected shadows -> Disabled - shadow distance -> Close - Depth of field -> Disabled - Blur -> Disabled - SS reflections -> low - Sun rays -> disabled Tried moving around my underground base, then to the horde base where i got an average of 20fps most of the time, run a bit near my house and... I'm getting 50 fps on the heavy places where I got 20 before, and the rest of the time I get between 58 and 92 so it's ok to me, nice for your time
  11. Sure reflections on the base were a huge performance killer, I've some torches on pilars built with square blocks + round blocks (not as a pilar but like mini-pilars attached to the main 2x2 square block) so it caused many reflections and shadows. I'll try to build it using square blocks only or maybe using some electric lights at a given distance can help with this. I've tried SSAO on/off/high but this does not make a difference, at this point I'm playing with close shadow distance when exploring but with it disabled when on the horde base, this seems help keeping 40-60 fps or more. If I can play stable at this fps it's "ok" to me. I mean, i've a 144Hz 2560x1440p monitor and an rtx 3080, I would expect more but I'm used to this alpha games that will face performance issues it's entire life so I don't really bother so much... having 40+ stable is ok, i'm not gonna cry. Thanks for the information, I'll try this tweaks when having some time and desire for it to see if it makes any difference, but according to what I've faced I guess it's simply what we already discussed about shadows and reflections as the GPU keeps at 100% unless I disable it 🙂 Thanks!
  12. Thanks I'll try turning off reflected shadows/SSAO to see how it works after the current hore (that I need to face in some real life minutes xD) and I'll provide feedback to let you know how it worked. By the way, how limiting it to use 4 cores can help in this issue?
  13. Hi guys I've read some threads about this here and there but can't find a way to make it work properly. I can play most of time at decent FPS all ultra but when I go to specific places such the structure I built to face the horde, which contains like 20 torches and like 200 built blocks I get 16-24 fps. System specs: AMD Ryzen 3600X (AMD Ryzen High Performance energy plan) Nvidia RTX 3080 32Gb DDR4 3466MHz Game installed on a Sabrent 1TB Rocket Q4 NVMe PCIe 4.0 Asus x570 mobo NO mods installed. I play the game through Steam (don't really know if it can be played on another platform anyway). At the point on getting low FPS, the CPU is working at less than 30% while the GPU is at 100%. Mem usage: 4,3Gb Lowering the shadow distance to "close" does not make any difference but setting it to "disabled" raises the fps to 50-70 on the same situation and the GPU usage drops to 40-45%, but the experience of course, is not the same, no shadows like the having 12 suns around is a bit weird... Is there any known way to make it work properly even with close shadow distance? Thanks
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