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  1. I'm no expert in this matter but I believe the ZMXhudCP and ZMXuiCP mods included with SMX are compatibility patches made for exactly that purpose? If you are playing with anything other than straight vanilla and SMX, I'd recommend always using the compatibility patches @CrimsonKing I'm not using ReClass specifically, but I am using Tactical Action and a metric ton of other mods alongside SMX with no issues... yet.
  2. Absolutely gorgeous work! The links from your post I quoted above are both the same and lead only to the appliance repair store POI. It appears the actual link for the bank/urgent care office is missing. Sorry to be a bother and thank you so much for your work here.
  3. I've lamented the loss of those specific zombies as well. (audible sigh) Every time I pass a school POI I think how appropriate the footballer and cheerleader would be there. Same for the cowboy with all the nice new Farm POIs. Looks bizarre seeing undead business men and party girls roaming the cornfields.
  4. Just thinking about YOUR to-do list gives ME a headache:)
  5. Things are really looking good now in TA! Thank you so much for doing all of this. Its nice to see so many in the community come forward and contribute things to help get the mod up and running properly on a20 as well. It really goes to show just how crucial to gameplay this mod becomes for those that get into it. Now all someone needs to do is learn Unity, get access to the original assets (or simply create their own from scratch) and rotate each misaligned model to the proper leveled orientation. Sounds easy enough. Something like that should take what, a day? Two at the most? /sarcasm But seriously, thank you Tristam, Ragnar, Magejosh and Roy-o-rama.
  6. I really like the look of it. Pretty unique. It may break some Alpha down the line but for now, I love it.
  7. I see. That makes sense. I thought it may be the case as the columns variable was specifically not mentioned in your commented section. I figured I'd ask to be certain though. Thanks for the response and thank you very much for the amazing mods:) I passed over them in a19 as I was new to the game and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of SMX/ZMX mods, addons, compatibility patches and the like. I deeply regret that decision now.
  8. I have a couple observations/questions after playing for a bit. I am only using both core mods along with the birds and spiders NPC expansions so I was not expecting to encounter and human NPCs, but I have encountered a friendly nurse NPC strolling the forest. I assume that is part of the actual XNPCcore itself? Is the additional female zombie I've clubbed over the head also a part of that? Its not a problem or complaint or anything of the sort, I was just making sure there wasn't some other mod I'm using doing some sort of voodoo in the background. The other thing I noticed was the varied walk animations for the zombies. This is great! A very pleasant surprise. I remember that mod in a19 and its nice to see it back. Which mod is responsible for that feature now and are there any other past gems like that making an appearance in the core mods? Thanks for the amazing work:)
  9. Forgive me if this is a ridiculous question as I am wholly unfamiliar with the capabilities of harmony or its implementation here, but I did notice your commented section for the toolbelt in the smxhud window.xml and it made me wonder. You mention that toolbelt control is now dynamic and how you can change its size by adjusting the listed values. My question is, does this extend to the columns? Like, can I simply change them to something like 15 to get 5 additional toolbelt slots or is that just silly? I know that Khaine has a mod to do just that and that Robear has also added in compatibility between that mod and smxhud, but I just wondered if that was even necessary now or ift those values can simply be altered at will. No biggie if not or anything just curious at what can be done by a pleb like myself and how easy or difficult it would be to do.
  10. Perfectly reasonable. Thank you for explaining, Xyth. Thanks for the pics. Very nice work. That mech is crazy! Definitely puts the drone to shame lol.
  11. Well, that sure is easy enough. Thanks Khaine.
  12. Okay, beautiful work but I do have one small issue. I was hesitant to mention it as it is a mod conflict but being that it involves this and one of the team's mods I figured it worth mentioning at least. When using the suite of mods above along with @KhaineGB's behemoth spawning mod there is a console error upon world creation mentioning duplicate physicsbodies.xmls and failure to load resulting in broken ragdolls. I apologize as apparently no logs were generated and I am unsure which mod is causing the issue, if it is indeed an issue at all. All apologies for my lack of useful information. I tested this in singleplayer on a fresh install using only the suite of mods above, including listed expansions, and khaines behemoth.
  13. Great to see you in the team for the new NPCcore. Loved using your NPC work in a19 so I can't wait to see what comes in a20.
  14. My god. And this is free? Insanity.
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