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  1. One more question I can't figure out: How do you activate Aspect runes? It says Press F to activate but this does nothing.
  2. Ah! Good to know. I'll wait for the next updates then. Keep up the good work. Nickguy -- this might not be the solution but do check that you have the compatibility patch for Sorcery Mod. That might be what's causing the crash, but I really don't know. Also check your install folders. Crashes in 7Days like this are usually a result of incorrect mod installation.
  3. I've maxed out my Sorcery Tree but I still haven't unlocked the two last runes for crafting - the Regen Eternal Life Rune and the Dragoness Armor Rune. It says it unlocks with Rune Master, I already maxed out Rune Master (and the rest of the Sorc Tree) but still don't have it. Do I need to max out Fire and Ice as well?
  4. It was the renderer! Thanks Devrix and more power to this mod. I was on Vulkan, switch to DX11 fixed it. I didn't need to update drivers or anything. Renderer fixed it.
  5. Hopefully someone knows the issue. BTW you're the guy who made Darkness Falls right? Thanks for the great work! Currently playing it standalone now without Sorcery as the bugged graphics are a no-go for me.
  6. Close but no cigar. Actually not even close. I'm on Windows 10.
  7. I am getting a bug where the burning zombies have the fire look like purple splotches. It's like a texture is missing. The only other mod I have installed is Darkness Falls, and I am using the compatibility patch. Any ideas?
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