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  1. @ Faatal / Madmole Can you please tell us what are the minimum requirements for a PC so that the a20 / 21 / gold runs smoothly in HD and at least medium or high graphics settings? Is the i-3570K (4x3.8ghz), RX480 8GB, 16 RAM DDR3 still sufficient or is it called "Game Over" for such an old PC from a20? Well for 1-2 years I wanted to keep it until DDR5 becomes the standard ... and since A19.2 I sometimes have "mini-stuttering" (at 48 -56 FPS) and if it freezes for 1 second before the horde comes / spawns. Will it get worse from the A20? And how many cores does 7d2d use? Does it make a difference whether you have, for example, a new CPU with 12 or more cores or the game is only used with a maximum of 4, 6 or 8 cores?
  2. Is it planned that you can shoot from the moving vehicle or will that never happen? It would be cool if you could do it while driving like in GTA (google translated)
  3. I could copy a part of the savegame (larger part of the file) from a11 to a12, then the castle was always in the same place on the map. Only at the edge was there a difference in some very great heights. But with a12 some blocks were removed from the game, that made the first error. Where the blocks were you could see through the map and if you got too close, then an error was displayed above. So I came from the side so I don't have to look inside and just built up the area with other blocks. there were no further errors. But, with a13 the hd zombies were inserted, I think that was the reason and the savegame was completely broken. I have a game "Empyrion Galactic survival" because the blueprints of A1 in gold can also be built, why? because they left the blocks in the build menu, you can't use them for built, but you can load them and you have no problems with old savegames if there are old blocks or items in there. With 7DTD, some of the old things are removed, if something has been built from removed blocks, or if there are any items in the box that are no longer in play, errors can occur ... so ... start all over again. .. it makes no sense to create something big until the game is gold, because if something is removed again, you can start again anyway .. You write that you can save the buildings as a prefab, but what about old blocks / Items, do they stay in the game or not? Because if not you have the same problem as I had in earlier alphas, that it leads to errors. (Text translated by google translator)
  4. @Madmole / faatal 1. Can you tell us please, how many alphas there are still to gold? Is A20 possibly A21 the last or are A22,23,24.. coming?? I love the game, but I would like to build something big again, since I built 2 castles with 250K and 300K blocks in over 500 hours in A11 and they didn't work after a big update, since then I don't dare to build big 2. Or can you insert a function that creates a blueprint of buildings? 3. With A11 you added beautiful caves, which unfortunately were changed in one of the later alphas, i think it was a15 or a16, and from then on they are unfortunately no longer so beautiful. It used to be a real labyrinths, but now are small and unspectacular. Any chance we can get the old caves back? 4. In the past, every animal dropped different meat, resulting in different recipes with different buff, you were proud to have killed a bear and cooked excellent stew from bear meat, or I chased half a map of a chicken with a stone ax to make a roast leg, which I got today you always get the same meat, whether chicken, bear, rabbit, pork, why should you take the risk of chasing a bear when you can kill a rabbit with a bazooka? Can we have different types of meat again, so that it is also worthwhile to hunt a bear, for example? Can you perhaps add old recipes again, so that it is worthwhile to hunt dangerous animals again? 5. In the past you could crawl through 1 block, it would be possible to insert this again, e.g. that you can turn it on or off in settings (if it has been made away because of pvp)? I would be happy if you could answer some questions, especially if all of them๐Ÿ˜Š. (everything translated by google translate, no liability for errors ๐Ÿ˜ƒ )
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