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  1. F R E E G U Y power to the NPCs ... Cheers !!!
  2. I had already given up the purpose of these forums, and then I have this very smooth, very enlightening answer and made me believe in the real goal that I dedicated my precious time, to explain my suggestions / ideas. Thank you very much for this honest answer. Yes, the creators of ARK have achieved this technique that I am looking for so much in the 7D2D. I live in the hope that this will come to be a reality. ( sigh ) ... Cheers !!!
  3. Back to the theme ... Another idea that seems interesting to me, would be to use/collect these rescued NPCs as Hired Guns. That is, once "rescued" it would be possible to hire them to fight back zombies alongside us, with a daily cost of money and that could change, given the level of resistance/attack of each different NPC available. As soon as our money runs out to keep them hired, the NPCs would automatically vanish, as if they had defected. By this way we would have a greater need to obtain resources and sell them, in order to guarantee a sufficient amount of money, to sustain our Hired Guns fighting alongside us. This would give 7D2D a new breath and a greater dependency to keep us hooked to the game. These NPCs should also level up, by their killing rate and in result increase their hire price, keep an interesting math rate to the whole idea. Cheers !!!
  4. No if they are off-topic ! Open other topics for that ! Thx ! Cheers !!!
  5. XD just U as always ... who's keeping me here, and even worst, who I let me saying what to do ?? LOL ... keep to the topic !!! NPCs rescue missions I want only for humans at 7D2D !!! I repeat, don't bother nothing else !!! Cheers !!!
  6. VERY IMPORTANT : this topic is for NPCs rescue missions ! Other subjects off-topic, please open your own forum topics ! Don't even bother to suggest other themes besides the topic. All contributions to add to the main idea, are well VERY welcome !!! Cheers !!!
  7. While 7D2D does not incorporate NPCs rescue missions, I returned to play ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED. As an example that my idea works, in ARK all the tamed dinos, when we give the order to follow us, they magnet follow you and works perfectly. They are often stuck in obstacles on the ground, but that makes us go back and free them. That's why I went back to playing ARK. It works perfectly. I'm a hardcore player for ages. I know what I'm talking about. Cheers!!!
  8. U never saw in a movie one or more of the rescues, being stuck under a wall, get injured, or falling in a flawless/weak ground ?? ... U never saw a hero going back to rescue them ?? XD ALL THE TIME !!! Open your mind instead of getting stuck to your opinion !!! and yeah, going back to rescue them is the FUN part !!! Otherwise, don't even bother to make a NPC rescue mission !!! Cheers !!!
  9. Suggestion completely off topic ! It's a NPCs rescue mission idea ! Nothing to do NPCs being or not smart. They just magnet follow you. Hero going solo from point A to B is even worst then the " smarter excuse " ! Cheers !!! When the NPC decides he wants to go through a wall, it means he made a bad choice. It´s your job to help him. Like in the movies. If u succeded, u get rewarded. That´s the main idea. That´s the fun of those rescue missions. No flying drones, no teleporting. Do the job and get rewarded !!! Cheers !!!
  10. The idea of escorting the NPCs, is to really do escort ! If an obstacle stops the path of any NPC, of course it is our goal to go back and free it. The tension of coming back to save the stuck is the emotion I'm looking for. If the goal was self-teleporting, it had no interest. As the terrain is destructive, it only helps in freeing the "stuck". Help them go. Free the way. Easy missions don't matter. Being complaining all the time doesn't help the mission. You're the hero! Cheers !!!
  11. The preference of being a side mission, is that it does not directly interfere in the excellent result already achieved in the main structure of the game. And in case something goes wrong, it's always a lot easier to discard if it's just a side mission. Open your minds to something that can be implemented quickly. Thx ! Cheers !!!
  12. The idea of not adding too much programming and making rescue missions NPCs easier to implement is for TFP to see something acceptable for rapid implementation in 7D2D. If we keep demanding already many details and complexity, they will easier reject it, because this translates into time = money spent. So I still insist that the approach to this idea has to be very basic to begin with. Improvements can be implemented as time goes by and availability time of TFP. In fact, the whole history of the development time of this game proves that. So let's take it easy on the level of demand of this idea. I prefer the basics to begin with. It's easier to accept. Now, a thousand times the idea of NPCs rescue missions, than the idea of the Bandits ! Cheers !!!
  13. again proving my point. 😁
  14. ok, but what do you prefer? More villains, or something different in the game? Bandits or zombie hordes, what's the difference? If you want bandits, just go multiplayer and any player that loots your base is a bandit... More of the same, no thanks! Cheers!!!
  15. read my lips IT'S A SIDE MISSION, doesn't have to affect what have been done. Its a matter of LOGIC. I stick to this : Everything that has already been done in 7D2D only PROVES that the basics of my idea can also be done ... and that should be the part to discuss. Cheers !!!
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