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  1. Let's go over the game: Crashes... A LOT Crashes can, and eventually will, lead to the world being "reset" Hit markers can be off Combat is Janky at best Getting on a minibike makes the game go to 1 - 10 frames a second (Even on Series X) Trackers can easily break locking achievements and other "accomplishments" off forever (as we will never see an update) Moderator argument: "There are many games that are also abandoned and are still full price" Unlike YOURS theirs are abandoned in a good state they don't crash every 30 minutes, and ALL achievements are attainable so achievement hunters aren't screwed MSFT (Xbox) has a team that DOES and WILL go over games. If they don't start up or are 100% broken they are taken off the store (Somehow 7 Days To Die is still on the store.) my question is extremely simple: Will we EVER see an update, and if so what is the timeframe? are you going to force people to buy a new version of the game once your finally "done" with the PC version? Also before you ask yes I'm annoyed cause I literally can't play this game for more then 2 hours without having a crash that resets the entire world. Un-doing all my work on building bases, traps, and even my minibike at times. For the love of god remove your game, or fix it
  2. I did already and same issue its just blank with nothing there. I've also deleted it and re-installed it
  3. I'm so close to 100%'ing 7 Days To Die on Xbox One. I have all the achievements but Neil Armstrong (Travel 1,000Km). Now my game crashed and it caused the km (found with the Select button) to be blank and not show how far I've traveled. The tracker has also been stuck at 25% since I got the last travel achievement. I want to ask if this will "brick" the achievement and not let me unlock it as I can't see how far I've traveled or if the distance is even saved.
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