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  1. Sure mate... What ever you say... You know more about company's and intellectual rights then I do... I just went to business school and run a very successful company mate...
  2. Because they have the rights mate which makes them responsible for the development of both pc and consul editions doesnt matter who made it if they got the rights to the game then they are responsible
  3. *sigh* I guess its too much to ask then... Well imma delete it now then... Just wasting space at this point... Very dissatisfied with this company now...
  4. Ok they posted the last post in 2019 its now 2021... About 2 years now... Are we getting an update or are consul versions just DOOMED... I understand your a company you need money and workforce for updates aswell as countless hours... We understand but at this point i believe that consul version players DESERVE an answer at this point now... ARE THE PEOPLE WHO PLAY ON CONSULS GETTING AN UPDATE OR NOT DEVS!?!?!?! Its very frustrating to see the PC version get all the updates and not ps4 or Xbox... At this point i believe alot of people myself included have given up on you devs...
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