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  1. I have been using a 9mm with hollow point rounds and fully auto mod. I am curious what everyone else finds to be the 'best' handgun. The biggest issue I have with my current setup is that after 3 or 4 shots, it becomes very unreliable, and it also seems to wear out really fast.
  2. So in order for the random button to work, I must select a block first? I will have to try that and see, because as of right now it too is greyed out.
  3. Interesting observation. @Boidsterhad previously made the same observation (spawns not tied to POI's)
  4. I press U and searched for dev, and nothing comes up
  5. Yes and the options are there, but greyed out, I have triple checked the xml file, and I edited it as the video showed.
  6. OK, I found the tools, but the option for Clear Selection and Fill Selection are greyed out.
  7. @VeduiI followed the video and removed the section of code, however I still do not have the option like was shown in the video. I did enable cm and now I have access to all the resources, I still do not have the leveling option. I'm running Alpha 19.6 (b8)
  8. OK, if I understand that correctly, it only works in creative mode? How do I switch to creative mode, and can it be switched back and forth?
  9. Thanks, I did try that and it sort of does level the ground. That is a good question as well, the exploding guys seemed to come in mass from that area during the blood moon, and did a fair amount of damage to my area before they were killed by my defenses. I guess I will have to wait and see!
  10. I took out a small house that was near where I built my base due to it spawning massive amounts of zombies, including the explosive guys. Now I am left with craters that I have been using dirt blocks to fill in, but it is very labor/time intensive. I was wondering if there was a faster method for filling in the holes? Also, is there any method to smooth out/level the odd sections of ground?
  11. Thanks, I couldn't figure out what words to search for either, I am very appreciative of your help!
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