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  1. Yeah that's right. I found it easier to toubleshoot on my on PC. Anyways, I'll give it another shot & restart the profile. I'll ask other two to switch characters/accounts. They're same location but different ISP with high ping (200ms +) Here's the logs from the orginal laptop client. I'm not 100% sure if its low FPS exactly since the 4 game seasons before profile courrption, didn't have FPS issue. https://pastebin.com/6r27EZEw https://pastebin.com/eVHvMzRe - First time entity repeating message https://pastebin.com/yfLTHvSK - https://pastebin.com/tAsB1MDE - Low FPS?? Maybe Laptop was throttling https://pastebin.com/6zzcDpv4 https://pastebin.com/XQ1eGLa8 https://pastebin.com/dW8Ga1Xa - second time entity repeating message
  2. Hello all, my friend has stumbled upon infamous "iscarding NetPackagePlayerStats for entity" repeating message bug when she joins my friend’s server. Therefore, she cannot join our server as she is stuck on that repeating message. I have attached a screenshot to this thread what it would look like when I use her account on my main PC to login into our server. This is what me & my friend have tried so far Validated files in steam on her laptop Restarted her laptop Used another fresh Steam account to join the server. The repeating message bug came back after a week later. Login to the server with voice chat & EAC disabled in settings on my PC with her account. (So, I doubt it's a client issue) The weird thing is, the server normally filled with 4+ players but only she gets the repeating message bug. No-one else in my group has this problem. Client log https://pastebin.com/wwHjbDq5 Server log https://pastebin.com/AwhCYwYE I believe this bug as the same as this thread posted. I have tried to google for a solution but there were no answers to fix this ongoing game breaking bug. I hope "The Fun Pimps" developers can find a solution to this issue as we have dropped the game sadly because she cannot play with us.
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