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  1. 14 hours ago, Gamida said:

    !. I agree to use KingGen. I loved Nitrogen and miss some of it's features but it hasn't been updated in quite a while.


    2. Again I agree. I think I may have used ServerTools but haven't had my server running for some time so not sure. As SylenThunder suggested there is a pinned thread.


    3. As for map. Do you mean in game. I know when you make a map in KingGen you can see the full map in the preview in the folder that the program is in.

    I have found the commands and used the KingGen to create the map. What I meant by the last question. If there is any way to fully generate the map. As if everything was explored and preloaded. I have noticed drops of 20 fps when a building is loaded. 

  2. Hi! We bought the game with 5 more friends . The truth is that we loved it and we seek to make a dedicated server just for us and add more content to our game. My pc is going to be the Host with a Ryzen 5600x , 32 gb Ram 3600mhz Patriot Viper and RX 580 8gb. The first question is, what dimensions of nitrogen do you recommend?  Navezgame was too small... 
    the second question. Is there a way to put custom commands like / sethome / home / teleport (name) or some other useful command? 

    my third and last question. Is there a way to reload the entire map without it being generated while exploring it? something similar to map scripts in minecraft like preloading chunks.

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