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  1. no, unfortunately not. a cracked hole has appeared, which in some places reaches down to the bottom of the lake. Obviously, this mainly affects the places where I had built the columns. I copied the savegame and experimented a bit.The most successful attempt so far was to import the sector involved by an unchanged one from another game (e.g. r.0.0.7rg). This at least allowed me to repair the lake. But I had to redo a few things. Thanks to CreativeMode, however, not quite so complicated. Since I primarily play on the Navesgane map, this is relatively easy to replace.
  2. I had started to build a hut in the lake. A few support pillars from the bottom of the lake and a platform on the water surface. So far so good. But after I had changed my mind and dismantled the blocks again, there are now holes in the water. Is there a way to repair the water? I already tried to do something with the water blocks from the creative menu, but I could not set any new blocks. Does anyone have another idea?
  3. It is certainly nice and helpful to create bookmarks. But if you like to add notes to locations (day of the spawn) it gets confusing quickly. Especially that all bookmarks are permanently displayed in the compass and can not be hidden is annoying. An option to hide the bookmarks from the compass would be very welcome.
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