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  1. shoot me a link to that topic if you can, i wanna see that.
  2. I for one absolutely love how the cooking system becomes more complex the further in game you get, but i feel like there's a lot of room for even more food recipes. I know that mods like Darkness falls often add extra food items and whatnot, but for me, i see that just adding like 1 or 2 new food items to the game can suddenly open just a LOT of different opportunities. One example would be something simple, processed cheese. Suddenly a whole new world opens up. Cheese + Large Beef Ration + Cornbread = Cheeseburger Cheese + Can of Pasta = Mac and Cheese Cheese + Cornbread + Animal fat = Grilled Cheese Cheese + Potato + Raw Meat = Loaded baked potato Let's get even weirder. Cheese + Beer + Large Chicken Ration + Cornmeal + Animal Fat = Nachos (because Beer cheese sauce) Mac and Cheese + Peas + Canned Tuna = Tuna Casserole Cheese + Chili Dog = Chili Cheese Dog Now that i think about it, there potential for things not cheese related too! Large Chicken Ration + Cornmeal + Animal Fat = Fried Chicken I could keep going but i think i've made my point. I'd absolutely love to see what else you guys could come up with as well.
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