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  1. I think I had it on my Linux install too, 2 weeks ago I tried to play DF+Sorcery(fresh manual install on copy of vanilla game) but because of that glitch ended up playing 'only' DF
  2. 1.It's veery stealthy due to it's size, in the grass in green biome it's practicably invisible .. most of the time you know once it attacks you 2. in first attack usually it stuns, knock down PC, bleeding, abrasion, broken bones is just icing on the cake 😛 3. If not it does so in second hit or third as it takes time to notice where it it is 4. Ruining away is not option .. it's too fast I think. In practice it's death sentence in early game if you are doing your things (fighing zombies , runing around, digging) latter it's just deadly but if it attack first odds are your health will be severly depleted and you will have abrasion and/or broken bone. Personaly I find bit less lethal than pack of dogs, bear and only bit less becouse you can kill it fast IF you detect it. 4. checked in file I think it has detection range of 75 .. combined with sealthiness will dectect PC weell before PC .. usually. My solution youd be reduce it's detection range and increase size -make as visible as dog and/or reduce it's damage, reduce negative buffs and it's sighing range I played on default difficulty and I think it took 2-4 hits kill me in early game in first cases I wass dead well before I could do anything to this DeathChicken .. in first 1-2 cases i was figuring out what is going on I think.
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