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  1. They say gas has a shelf life, and Ive heard many believable stories about it going bad...but... I have spent 3 years working out of state, came home and started up my old truck and lowrider both with just a jump start. No fresh fuel, nothing. Proceeded to drive them with several years old gas without the slightest hiccup. One was throttle body with minimal computerized fuel control, the other high tech fuel injection. Same with an old work van I kept around for years. When I bought my house it started right up and I drove it here, after sitting since 2010. I later sold it, and the dude drove it home himself and said it made the 30 - 40 mile journey just fine. So its perfectly feasible in my own personal experience to have gas that is several years old still work.
  2. You can look at how the Infection code progresses and build a new buff off of that one. Here is an example of the first line of an illness. After that come the modifiers. <buff id="illness3" name="Illness Stage 3" mutex="illness2,illness" type="sickness" duration="1200t" actions="increment(@wellness, -0.25, 100t, 0, 3)" onexpired="illness4" description="I am ill...I need some rest." icon=""> So when it expires it moves on to the next stage. It has 4 stages. You could do the same with an injury that takes time to heal; make it progressively 'improve' until eventually the player is healed.
  3. TehAgent

    A16 Valmod Pack

    I saw that, but you started talking about wood frames in comparison with a Minibike. Just trying to offer some input on balance. I hope you find the balance you want to find with your project. Good luck.
  4. TehAgent

    A16 Valmod Pack

    So can players never craft wood frames, or is it a thing a Survivor can learn? The extreme mobility of a Minibike would be a clear choice for me, as if I can wind up making anything any other class can, Id choose that and just use the Minibike to get around and acquire the skills I need to be on par with the rest of the classes. Mobility and the ability to scavenge/loot more effectively is a huge, huge thing to have. Thats why Minibikes are difficult to make. I suppose you can just test it out and see how many players choose Survivor class for the bike over others. We can make predictions all day, but in the end its like this: I dont know enough about your mod to make solid projections; just throwing some stuff out there.
  5. TehAgent

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Maybe just give the survivor more knowledge to start, and more experience. A bit of a head start I guess. In my own humble opinion, a minibike is endgame and even a very poor one right off the get go would be too much. Most players would pick that class as it would have a clear advantage over the others. Another idea would be to add a custom melee weapon that is better than the others, and only the survivor can craft it. IE a non lootable book (note in this case) to make it comes with their class but does not exist in loot. Make it craftable so the Survivor can 'teach' others to make it if he or she chooses.
  6. Any plans to fix this or the issues I PM'd you about? If not I'll just write off your pack and go with one that doesn't break servers and have console spam.
  7. TehAgent

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Bugs are part of the process
  8. The water issue can be fixed by lowering the water table 5-6 blocks. My RWg mixer is a little different when it comes to Biome height differences, but 5-6 blocks should do it and keep the water out of the cities. Youll still have good lakes and stuff but no weird flooding.
  9. The sheer number of blocks is pretty taxing on systems. Ran fine on my rig but its pretty high end
  10. One or more of the prefabs fills the console with red errors. It doesnt stop the game but can make a really messy output log when trying to debug other problems. Im guessing its one of the prefabs that has floating chairs and corpses in it...
  11. They are buffs in the zombie hand entries in the items.xml file. They will all have a probability like buff_chance 1.0, 0.5; etc. 1 is 100% chance; .50 is 50% chanvce and so on. Cloth should be easy to come by though; especially wrecking campsites OP I wouldn't say tweaking your public mod is in order but it can't hurt to help someone who has chosen your work to play balance it slightly more to his or her liking. I get ridiculous amounts of steam messages asking how to tweak stuff for LFOD and answer them all. My vision of balance isn't always what people find fun and engaging.
  12. Upgrade rated to non fire block, upgrade with wood to make fireplace again. Sounds good to me. However, I wouldn't want to do it on a campfire class. It will probably cause loss of food items when it changes if not null ref errors. I'd do that to an aesthetic fireplace only.
  13. Just for looks if it's the same as mine You can never be too cozy in the zombie apocalypse.
  14. Those two attributes would just be assigned automatically on crafting as long as the silencers had a quality to them. If they do not, the item will always be broken on dropping and won't be repairable. Youd need the degradation Max lines from some other weapon part. The absolute easiest way to do this is to make silenced pistols loot only items. As above, simply copy a regular pistol and change the firing sound to crossbow. Quality and durability will be assigned just as any other looted pistol. Being loot only items, you won't have to worry about anything else. It is the most hassle free way to accomplish the task.
  15. Zombie kill experience can be modified in the entityclasses.xml file. Each one has a line that defines XP gain for killing
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