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  1. I forgot to edit i was banned not in game but on discord server. I installed a malware that managed to get hold of my discord with password and send spams to other users. I managed to resotore it but mods wont unban me for things i didn't do personally.
  2. So i've been playing for qute a while and i'm kinda disapointed in what i see and what i get. Back in i think it was alpha 16-17 you had action and perk points. I was thinking how cool is that, what you used you gained extra damage and i thought constructuin worked the same or it was in progress. Like as you level up construction it would place diffrent HP blocks based on perk/action point. I tought that was something really nice and inovative...but to my suprise it was removed...I said to myself ok. Then i really liked how you pick parts for miniike (back then that was only transport) and it was able to costumize to max, that was cool and i was thinking what if tire break or have engine that i need to fix. Tha was also removed.....Jail door *was* removed to so i replaced whth 2-4 x hatch doors. if developers tought that jail door was op....valut hatch 2x was now current meta. Barbed wire was now useless...more like cosmetic item than anything it can't even slow down anyone unless placed facing ground, and durability is ....well offten 10 zombies pass = broken. It was more of utility block than anything...well it got neafed to grounnd. Now it just exists but it servers no purpose or it servers as cosmetic i guess. Wooden spikes,Iron/Steel spikes are now very usless and requires constant replacments even less repair. I used to build 90% efficent way of killing everything with guns cuz i was noob. But once i figured how i can use AI as my advantige....well game is bad. Not to mentone im furios about that i can place 2-3 panels on each side of block...and it makes me mad. But also once you place panel to side of block it will count as taken block. I tought to myself what if funiture placment was notg grid baced and freeform? It would bring soo much fun and costumatization and bring more space to builds. Also i used to play no respawn of containers and amout of abundance was based on world zombie stage (25% = Very late, 100% mid zombie, 200% early zombie plauge). That was for me fine tuned game...but what i cant pass and it still not fixed....is NPC trader quest. Why dose my house that i just burned it down to ground have to be compleately made a new form air. Why not just place bunch a zombies aroud my objective or place em on under/ground and depending on if they can see light turn em on form sleepers to acitive so this option woudn't have conflict with how NPC quest works. I mean i just looted whole house burned to grond only to NPC remake it with LOOT? Also now my hoe is gone...and to make farm i need to craft farm plots? oh wait where did i get my rotten flesh ...guess form ZOMBIES...now only form bear, zombie dogs and some random placed thing on ground.... i mean seriosly. So downloaded alpha 19.5....and to my suprise ...things are not the same but things where added and some where neafed...to my gameplay it was nice. I mean you still place jail doors, but i found that valutV3 door are far more defense/HP than single vaut doror i can have 8 door in 2 blocks....Spikes are now usless more than ever. Only way to stay aliive and use less ammo with 64x Concurrent zombies is using AI pathing and combo of electic Post + Blades. I was still unable to place my workshop/forges inside my block that was took by panel. And I managed to build such a build that your only job is repair...electic posts and Blades.....it all came to that. Also i noticed that zombies run in watter...they are much faster than player in water and every single zombie is better than player. I dont even wanna talk about every zombie is muffin ficking Architect in this game....but i guess that is okay. Also there is still those vultures that have speed boost if you are driving...<instert here>. What if i wanna play on PVP server and i wanna bring horde to my enemy base...nope...cant do that or have let em chase me. @%$# that says the developer to the player, you will not use zombies for fun and any form of fun. I mean are developers creating games for fun or just money? I mean what game is and what is game now it changed....but really not that much. For my as player this game got generally good but more bad updates. So i was reading about A20.....i was really not excited about tthe update....who cares about gear sets? Better loot/more damage/more food.....who gives a crap? I guess only develpers care about it. Zombie modes are like meh...replacments, i mean fine...but that is just zombie. Aso i was kicked/banned on 7 days to die cuz i was hacked...without any warning what so ever....i mean really?
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