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  1. I think that the rarest item in the game is the rocket launcher schematics. In our gameplay we had several SMG, that is after day 100 but i never saw a rocket L schematic in my almost 600h of play
  2. So basically i'm playing on experimental from beggining. Is it worth to begin a new adventure on a new map or we can still rock our gameplay ? Will we miss something big playing on experimental generated map ?
  3. I'm using 4netplayers servers. They offer to change settings in "basic mode" or "advanced" where i can see the xml of the server. So it's not in my local files. Gonna have to contact them tomorrow. Or is there any command to check if feral sense is working ?
  4. So something is missing i guess.
  5. Should be under difficulty / zombie right ?
  6. I'm renting a server and trying now to set i up. Can't find the feral sense feature. There is a "advanced mode" where i can see the xml or some parts of it, and can't find it there too. Help please ?
  7. I have a idea for building. For xx time after placing a block you can just destroy it holding e and select "destroy" or something similar. Just like in rust. It will help with miss placed blocks in higher tier materials.
  8. Thanks ! Can't wait to get sucked up in the new world and remember, haters gonna hate no matter what
  9. It's getting really hard to not look for some more info on a20. I try not to watch any a20 stream, any a20 video. On top of that i want to start the first time the new patch with my friend so I have to wait to the weekend or maybe next week (job etc)🥲
  10. Geez you guys have 9am while I'm already 4pm ...
  11. There should be a 18+ mod for this kinda stuff that gets some variations of female z... Specially for snowdog of course🤣
  12. Soo, from experimental to stable do I have to reset my map ? Or can I get some minor/major problems....like ?
  13. I'm wondering if the shadows, when the sun comes up, can be smoothed out. Now it's "ticking"
  14. I have a question, saw on the stream that the dog had the old look. Will the new model be included in the experimental/public at the start? Another thing, the fog in a sunny day. It was kind of weird. I expect to see the fog in the morning/evening or in a rainy day.
  15. I like it more than the new on from pimps. The old one was really scary. When i first saw it i was like " wtf is that! " Hope there will be a mod for him 😜
  16. Hmm I'll check it. It happens only when I'm in or near my base
  17. It's strange for me that it started to lag on a new map. Before i played on navezgane and everything was good. Is there a way to prevent fps drop ?
  18. I have an opposite problem. I have massive fps drops in my base at around 23 o clock. It drops from 50fps to 20. After midnight it goes back to normal. Playing on random map and even changed the time with settime (it worked), but almost every day is the same problem. Anyone had the same ?
  19. Exactly. Have to try darkness falls mod before the patch 😕 Hope it won't be to easy in A20 after it xD I really hope the feral sense will give a major boost to the Zombies. Will probably play on "all" mode and set the hardest difficulty
  20. I just want to play A20. I think we have to wait like 2 months to the release. It's really hard to wait but at least the patch will be at the finest. GIVE MORE LEAKS PLS... So curious about the spider and screamer update
  21. Ahhhh yesss, I see your point. Like this one ? :D With the guitar guy ? They could change him for a punk girl😂
  22. Hello there I play the game since A15 i guess. Had so much fun during the time, exploring the navezgane map, playing with friend. Building our own big base on the corn field and stuff. Recently got back for A19.5 and the game took me over again. Still great and i like the changes. About the new Z. I like it ! And i would like to see the spider getting more love in this way. Maybe some freaky spider like eyes so when you see it you will get an instant heart attack. Everytime I see the spider in game i have in mind the mutated zombie from resident evil. With the long tongue and visible brain. I would like to see in this game some secret lab, underground, ultimate T6 Poi, where in the past scientist made experiment's on the already turned humans to zombies. It could open a path for some more special Zeds like this one. Mutated and all
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