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  1. Thanks for the idea I had done this already and while it did prevent an index out of bounds error they still didn't burn in and my 2nd smelting slot was not usable xD I think it had to do with having two different materials set for each new items, one for unit and one for scrap, oddly enough
  2. I hope I didn't get you too worried 😕 I'm not 100% sure what I did differently this time (I think maybe I had the unit_nickel and resourceNickel materials backwords) but it is working correctly now! Thank you so much!! You were right about this part I believe, I think the issue was I had them named incorrectly when I tried it the first time, but thank you for the help!!
  3. I looked through the files and noticed there was a file called mining.unity3d. Do you know if this is where it changes the max input materials from 6? I already have done what is done in this mod other than this one file (and the icons and prefabs I'm not counting since I didn't make any new ones) Edit: If it is done using that unity file I'll probably just add a second forge type workstation that only does my new resources, should work fine, but it'd be really sweet if it all could be in one Edit 2: I tried all the files except the unity file and get a smorgasbord o
  4. oh sweet! I looked through some mods on here but didn't find anything. I narrowed down the "only one smelter input" working thing to this line - "<append xpath="/blocks/block[@name='forge']/property[@class='Workstation']/property[@name='InputMaterials']/@value">,chromium,nickel</append> " adding the two extra materials here seems to mess it up
  5. I believe these are logically the same end result as what I had, I tried it this way and still to no avail. I'm a little confused why I would need a second material as MresourceClayLump is used for both unit_clay and resourceClayLump. I tried to add a second material for each regardless and still no dice Thanks for the help though!! Maybe my issue is related to the forge only having one usable input when I do the above code 🤔 Edit: Just for giggles, I removed stone and clay from the accepted inputs and put the grid back to 6 and it cooks in the chromiu
  6. I apologize for the double post but I can't seem to find the edit post option 😕 I tried the above and it was unsuccessful, I'll put all my code below so you can see if I'm missing something I'm not seeing. I've looked through every XML file for anything relating to the forge and modified what I thought needed it. Thanks! Edit: I guess there is a time limit on editing? xD I forgot to mention that for some reason this code prevents the 2nd input slot from working correctly, the item just sits there and does not burn in. I tested it on brass and other things.
  7. Awesome! That is one thing I didn’t try as I saw a bunch of materials that were not smeltable and didn’t think that was necessary :) I’ll try it out, thank you!!
  8. Hello all, I am relatively new to XML modding but have down modding in other games such as COD 4 and Halo. I am looking for a way, if it is possible, to add new input materials to the forge through the XML files so that it is client friendly and requires no additional downloads for them. I have gotten my new materials to show up in the forge's "available materials" window and added the materials/recipes/items to the XML files but they do not burn in when I place them in the forge. If I change the "forge_category" of my new materials to iron or lead it smelts in just fine
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