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  1. This looks so good btw, it reminds me of the Ark Survival Evolved map The Center. Are there any good resources where I can learn to make stuff like this?
  2. Establish dominance. Stand your ground. When the bikers run at you at nightmare speed, kill both of you with a landmine planted squarely at your feet. This is human perseverence at its peak. Well, actually people kind of do get stuck duck waddling. Fight or flight kicks in in these situations but some people literally just freeze and get (hypothetically) Krispy Kremed by nightmare speed bikers.
  3. Games are meant to in some way challenge you. Meaning that if something is mechanically difficult (pressing the correct key while under pressure) then it creates a skill division between people who can keep their calm and press the right keys and the people who can't. Which is player skill progression where you learn to not panic and stay cool. they shouldn't remove a feature just because it depends on an IRL skill. Panicking is a real thing you have to contend with in games (and in real life lol) where you die quickly. If the pressure of the game is really SOOOO crushing that you just start punching the left side of your keyboard whenever you see a zombie moving towards you then I would like to point out that you can re-map almost every key in the game and move the keys away from each other.
  4. You can't just stamp the word "beta" onto whatever you want based on your abritrary expectations of what that means. The devs have an internal roadmap which includes a beta stage. This game is in alpha. That's why we're in Alpha 19.5 and not beta 1.0 or whatever version system the devs will adopt for that stage.
  5. IDK If they've changed this but back in one of those livestreams in either November or October they said it wouldn't affect hordes. (Unfortunately IMO) Long shot, but are you allowed to let us know the exact stats of the drone storage at all? like how many slots it has. Probably not but just thought I'd ask for further clarification just in-case.
  6. Bit of a weird question but does anyone know how many storage slots the new robotic drone is going to have? I remember it was originally 16 but I remember seeing someone say it's been nerfed to 9. Does anyone know if the devs have confirmed the storage cap? Thanks
  7. That's all I needed to know, Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing some info thanks.
  8. That's super helpful thanks! I couldn't find much about it. Just for the record, I'm making a Youtube video about Alpha 20, are you fine with a screenshot of this being in the video? Edit: also what is radiation actually going to do? (if we know) is it all going to just do health damage? or is it moreso like the infection where you get increasing amounts of poisoning with increasing debuffs?
  9. Does anyone have any info on how the radiation will affect the player? I know I saw someone said it will work similar to the older Fallout games but I can't find anything from the devs about it. Ty.
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