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  1. Yeah, my friend saw three frozen lumberjack zombies in the middle of the desert with nothing around. No poi was involved. Have linked him to this thread.
  2. Ok, then maybe I should check with my friend. We were in Navezgane and he was in the desert when he saw the frozen lumberjack zombies. I'll have to double check, but I don't remember if he was at a poi. That was in the game he was hosting.
  3. Ok, cool. I'm glad it wasn't a bug. We had just never seen that guy outside of the snow biome before and seeing a couple in the desert and then having one show up in the new game just made us uncertain. Thank you. Oh, and I have not been discouraged from playing after that, it's just been a learning experience for me. 😊 I expect that I will die many times as I learn my way around this game.
  4. I was in the bathroom waiting to see if my friend would be able to make it out of the burning zone. The odd part was that I had covered the windows hours ago (in game hours) and was just standing while watching the map. He came rushing in, crashing through the front door. Luckily, I had used a frame block to reach the bathroom and removed it while I was waiting, so I was able to take him out before he got me. I didn't even have a campfire out yet, so I'm not certain how I got his attention. It was my friend's host where he came across frozen lumberjacks in the desert, so I'll see if I can get him to share his log as well just to be sure. It was just so odd seeing them away from the snow biome. I can definitely see how I just might have gotten "lucky" with my experience. XD
  5. Here's the log file from the game I hosted. https://pastebin.com/1Z0YfngB Hopefully I did that right, never used pastebin before. It was the basic Navezgane world we played in. I was in a two story house at 1067 E 1045 N on the map in the upstairs bathroom when the frozen lumberjack came after me. It was a game I had set up for just myself and friends and only one friend had been invited to play.
  6. I did read the information, but didn't see where to add the logs. I will try again and add the poi information. The horde he encountered when we first started the new game, though, seemed a bit extreme when he didn't even have time to do the first quest. I have to admit that I found it amusing since it wasn't me, but he thought I had unleashed them on him. I'm still too new to the game to know how to do that, which is why I play without any mods and started with cheat mode off.
  7. I was playing a multiplayer game that my friend was hosting. We don't have any mods. The frozen lumberjack zombies showed up in the desert. A bunch of them. We decided to try a new game that I started. Again, no mods. I was started in the lush area with trees by the house that's near the snow biome. He was sent to start out in the fire biome. Masses of zombies went after him right away. Dogs, dire wolves, bears, and lots of zombies all within a few minutes of starting. I went into the nearby house and did the initial quests up to the point where I had to go to the trader. I decided to wait for the next day and was chilling in the upstairs room when all of a sudden a frozen lumberjack zombie came crashing into the house after me. I had never seen a frozen lumberjack around the forested biome before. The difficulty settings were adventurer. I don't know if that makes a difference, but we've never seen the frozen big guy outside of the snow biome before.
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