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  1. Another thing that I found is that the "nozone" zone for some vanilla POIs is not working, maybe consider this zone name because it works with the Vanilla RWG but not with KG.
  2. It is Ravenhearst not DF, but that is not the point, the problem with caves would be in all POI lists, even Vanilla
  3. No problem, I tried tinkering with the POI list because I realized that a lot of POIs weren't generated by KG. Few of them just needed some allowed Township value, that was not to complicated but apparently no POI with the phrase "cave" in its name will generate aswell. So the solution is to rename them to something without cave or just remove the "e" from cave.
  4. LOL you did it, King Gen seems to have a problem with the word "cave" I renamed it a few times and nothing worked but when I removed "cave" it worked. Thats why no other cave is generated aswell. That is a really strange bug
  5. There is no error it just won't generate that POI and that is just one of a few more, I just want to know what causing it that I can work something out for the other POIs
  6. The allowed values for biomes are: pine_forest, burnt_forest, desert, snow and wasteland. The allowed values for townships are: city, town, rural and wilderness. The allowed values for zones are: residentialold, residentialnew, downtown, commercial, industrial, oldwest and any. Any other values will be ignored. There it says:"other values will be ignored" and if that is not proof enough rh_business_Monster_Flex_Gym(by_Swolk),28,21,50,-3,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,rural/wilderness/town/city,residentialnew/residentialold/industrial/commercial/residential/downtown,, this one for example is working
  7. Yeah I know, but it doesn't matter, when you put something else in, it will just ignore it and beside that, I already tried putting it like that rh_cave_Salt_Desert(by_sinder),35,25,39,-22,2,pine_forest/burnt_forest/desert/snow/wasteland,city/town/rural/wilderness,residentialold/residentialnew/downtown/commercial/industrial/oldwest,, and it didn't work either.
  8. Yes, the last two are for "min" and "max" but I don't want to use a "min" value because it will ignore the biome restrictions
  9. what is wrong with this line? It wont generate even when I put all, biomes, townships and zones in it. rh_cave_Salt_Desert(by_sinder),35,25,39,-22,2,desert,town/wilderness/rural,residential/residentialnew/downtown/residentialold,,
  10. How do I use the min and max value for my POIs, because no matter how many times I create an 12k map, he wont create certain POIs and I dont know why. So I tried testing it with a min and max value but then it says it discarded that line in the POI list. Edit: ok I found out how to use the min and max value but I still want to know why it is not generating certain PIOs no matter what option I choose
  11. I guess I will have to do that. Thanks for your help. Btw: I love your Launcher, keep up the good work ^^
  12. Yeah I know that with the modlets but I wanted to try the Day of the Dead mod and the Quick Stack Mod but they are mods and not modlets
  13. The HowTos shows the button right next to the Play button but I can't find it somewhere else too. I just want to install some mods that are not listed in the Launcher
  14. I am using the 7D2D Mod Launcher Oh and I mean the Settings button won't work, also the view Help button
  15. Hey there, I downloaded the ModManager but the "More Mods" button is missing and I can't open the configs, when I press configs, just nothing happens.
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