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  1. Hi Guys, I started new Gameplay for Alpha 20. I hope you will enjoy it
  2. Hi Guys, I decided to get rid of some advantages player has in 7d2d (if you watched my first series you know i'm talking about traders/quests/money etc) and starte new series without ant trader on the map. It is hell of the fun and change game dynamic quite significantly. Maybe you will find it interesting
  3. Hello, I recently started to make playthrough of Vanilla 7dtd coming back from Darkness Falls. I played 7dtd for long time and i'm trying to include all cheesy, exploity, easy tricks (to the extend of course, to do not break a game and make it interesting at least for me ) things i know about this game. I started to make it mostly for fun and learn both technical and content side of youtube videos. If you don't mind dropping me any feedback, what to improve, what you find annoying or boring or which way to do better i will greatly appreciate. Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRrctamtYFwxd89m8R71aLg Link to 7dtd playlist (i have some videos about Darkness Falls as well) : https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnbwugXlkYwZnBTXMqAo_kqZDgDuh7kx3 in regards of Episode 1 - yeah it has really potato quality, i tried to manipulate with it but i this is the way it has been recorded. I left it for consistency, other episodes get better while i was learning how to make it right I hope you will enjoy it guys.
  4. Check out "Project Zomboid" if you want this kind of atmosphere. You basically described it. ah and yeah it is the same problem with that game - after 2k hours it gets too easy xD
  5. I was trying to show that this game for me already exceeded expectations comparing to the price but your explanation is so much better man. I love it.😃
  6. Shoes might not be good example in what i was trying to show (even though good taking care of shoes can extend their life). Let me try to find different example. More virtual (as game is more virtual than shoes). You go to cinema, you pay 15$ for a ticket, you go in and enjoy the entertainment for two hours. You just paid 15$ for 2 hours of entertainment. I paid 15% for almost 2k hours of entertainment. When move finish you will not go to the counter and say "hey, i paid 15% i want this move to get twice as long, not just two hours" - but they will not even let you go back to watch it second time. With a game - you can play how many times you want. But let say in cinema they will let you watch it how many times you want - after 100 times you will now every detail of that movie, every scene. You will not go to the counter and say "i want this movie to be changed cause i got bored" - they will say, buy another ticket for different movie. In here is the same - buy another game xD I hope that will demonstrate better that even though i agree with improvements of the game, and would love to see new content i will not "go to the counter" and ask for something else, i already been treated better than in that cinema and got 1000x more fun than going to that movie.
  7. Well if you take under consideration traders than answer is - nothing. They just make stuff out of thin air including brass (dukes).
  8. I think looking at me i would first run out of willingness to do so for my own sanity xD I would really admire if someone would do that though
  9. But like all people? 😟 i don't think that is possible. i mean i would need to setup game for my unborn son and explain him everything so by the time he reach my age he might do it, unless there will be new update
  10. "mobile" vending machine xD well that might be bit annoying trying to give back the mission to trader which is somewhere one the map. or maybe move missions to "mission board" that appear in every major city and you can interact with.
  11. heh i actually like that. but it would need to have better defense than now, because protecting yourself. your base and trader would be full time job lol.
  12. That's good point. I should move it there, is there a way to move it there? 100% destructible world allow to cheese and break through, well it can be destructible but build with 10k block lo so it will be more worth wile to go through it instead of breaking it down
  13. Hello everyone, I noticed that at some point in game moving forward is kind of pointless or at least not interesting ( Days 200+ etc. at least for me it is not more interesting so i start over). I was thinking if it would be possible to spicy up end game somehow. I have an idea that it sounds interesting to me, and wanted to find out if there is anyone sharing my feeling about it. So After 10/20/50 L5 missions Trader will give you "special quest" - this quest can be repeatable. It sends you to one location which is just huge indestructible, incredibly hard (because of zombies, traps, riddles etc) building. It can have multiple floors, different areas, but when you reach the end you have a chance to get "unique" item - piece of armor (one of the kind), some special mod that is double the normal one (advance, magazine, advanced cripple them mod etc) or some unique weapon, some unique schematic that appears only there. Spawn item can be bound to time how long it take the player to finish whole building. I know it will be incredibly grinding area (well look at my nick )but it gives some sort of purpose to keep coming back to this building to actually finish it, collect those items which helps in long run etc. what you guys think about it?
  14. quick calculation. I paid for this game 10£. i played over 1.8k hours. which means that and hour of game cost me 0.006£ - going for a walk is more expensive due to using durability of my shoes. For me this game can be in Alpha for another 20 years and just from time to time get new update with new features and endless mods xD
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