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  1. For me your UK MAP is only a DESERT, uhm Great Britain is in Real The Green Isle and not the Mojave! So why i have only Desert? Also i loaded the Prefab Pack, i see the new Buildings but some dissapear as i come closer? Thx
  2. Yea i started now a new Game, but weird or what did i wrong, all other Buildings were in that Map before are gone? I didn´t delete them! Thx
  3. I watched this Tutorial, did the same as the Guy in the Video, but as soon i continue my Game, the Racoon Police Department is NOT there??? I saved normal and saved the Building in the Tool Tab on the Right Side "Add this Prefab to your Map" !!! So why it dont appear, the Surface when i load my Game is EMPTY??? TYSM for Help Tutorial i followed-->
  4. Na hahahaha, you r cool, i meant for the PFemale Playable Character, are there no other Skins? Thx
  5. I looked everywhere, but sadly i saw nowhere a Mod, that makes the female Player Grace more Beautyfuller, cause her Face looks a bit yuuk for me, too rough, too Male looking like, with one Word, she is ugly as Hell. So is there any Mod that let her look like a Real Women and not like my Grandgrandma ? Tysm
  6. Your Mod has some heavy BUG! I cant Move as soon as i unpack your Backpack that´s in Inventory! Not with the Arrows not with W,A,S,D!!!! I cant access Game Options like Graphic,Audio! I got the latest Version of 7DtD!!!
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