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  1. Sorry for black on black font.... didn't even think about that, I'm kinda new to forums XD. I'm just throwing out ideas so maybe someone can get an even better one or something. I really want some zombie variety that makes you play different or have them act different apart from other zombies like the spider and bombers. I know the game is still in alpha so it's understandable but after about 35ish days (depending on if you change settings) you've basically seen everything there is to see on the game.
  2. New special zombie ideas -Pile of flesh/goop zombies Can slowly pass through closed doors, iron bars, broken windows, ect. Cannot pass through Bullet proof glass doors, maybe sealed iron doors, and similar things. Does little damage but has an increased chance to infect and has slow movement speed. Silent movement so they can sneak up on people with the slow movement speed. -midget/baby zombies Fast movement speed with abnormal strafing like rabbits and chickens Low damage if they decide to attack but have them also cry so other zombies will be attracted like screamers. You can change it so that screamers will scream anyways as they die/in the area of players unless shot in the head or decapitated while the baby zombies will cry until killed so screamers aren’t rendered useless. Screamers will cause a hoard to spawn while the babies will attract zombies in a radius to become aggro or wake up. Midgets can be the same thing but without the crying I guess if the crying is too annoying. -Camouflage zombies They have overgrown grass or plants on them. You can make it so that they are wearing ghillie suits but make them spawn on/around military areas only. New boss Zombie ideas -Combination/ Morphing zombie (This zombie can be a special type or boss depending how strong you make it.) Upon the first knock down, this zombie will stretch and pull on the 2 closest zombies near them. You can make it so that if multiple zombies are close, it can either choose the stronger or weaker ones(it's up to you) If you choose to not limit the zombies it can pull then you can limit the radius of the pull range so things don’t become too crazy. I think a huge zombie with many heads in the chest and body would be cool as a design. This morph adds all the HP from the zombies combined on top of each other, however the morph should take maybe 3-6 seconds or just be dependent on how many zombies were sucked in. (also up to you for balance reasons) -Titan zombie (definitely an Late-game zombie) Huge zombie about the size of a 2 to 3 story building. Make the movement insanely slow but have his environmental damage way up. This zombie will add to the variety by making the player decide to either bunker down and try to kill it or drive away during mid blood moon to kill it slowly/ distract it. (if people don't like it then maybe have bosses toggled through the server settings?) There will need to be a deep growl/yell that echoes throughout the map that will indicate that the upcoming blood moon will have a titan. It would also make it really spooky in a way too but make sure to give like..... 1 warning each for the last 4 days before blood moon or something. Overall I think the game is in a really good spot but I also think it needs more variety. The special zombies are kind of bland and there aren't really any threats late game besides being overwhelmed by shear numbers. I feel like the game should have zombies that make you play different and watch out for instead of needing to shoot more bullets. The bomber zombie is a good example where you need to shoot them in the legs to not activate the bomb but other than that, its about all the game's got rn. I have high hopes for the future.
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