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  1. I hope this is the right place to post this, I've never posted to this forum yet. I recently got a new computer and I've been trying to transfer my 7 days to die save file so I can play. I've transferred the game and all my saves but every time I try to play it it tells me mods that have been installed cannot be found and it won't let me play those maps. The only mod I added was one to give me a 96 lot backpack and that's it, I have the mod installed. I've even copied it for my old computer and I've re downloaded it and added it and it still won't let me play my map. Does anybody have an idea of why this keeps happening? Should I just give up on that save and start again? For transferring the game I've been trying it with a flash drive. I have just straight up copy and paste from my steamapps folder and I've also done a backup of my game and transferred it that way with the same result, the game tells me it can't play my save due to missing mods (the mod I have made sure to transfer every time).
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