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  1. I've made alternating rows of farming plots/blocks/farming plots/blocks. With one block on each side of the rows to connect to the walls. I thought this would've been ok. So I should put the farm plots on top of the blocks? Correct? Tried to put a picture on here, but I couldn't.
  2. So I set up my base in a two story house and the second floor where I keep my farming, keeps on falling. Is there a (ex: 6x6) dimension to put like, supports or something? It keeps on falling, damaging my stuff and my farm plots end up falling with the floor. By the way, I do take out the floor, and put the farm plot in its place. Not sure if that is an issue.
  3. I think it would be cool to change them. For instance the bombers exploding when close to other zombies. The big cops that vomit acid starting to attack others.
  4. Does anyone know what the description means for the Air Filter Land Mines? It says it turns zombies into good zombies. Does that mean the zombies are supposed to stay alive and attack other zombies? Because they keep dying.
  5. I was wondering if anyone knew about what to do with the Truck modifications. I figure you're supposed to be able to put built modifiers onto the truck, but I can't find any mods to build for it. Only mods for tools and weapons.
  6. What is a good way to get mods? I've NEVER used mods before on my PC.
  7. Do you get the same amount of Dukes wether it be 1 or 5 Quest Level?
  8. So I am late in day 70's. The last Blood Moon the zombies started going suicidal and blowing up. Apparently they now have bombs attached to their chests and I am now EXTREMELY low on brass. I can only make 1000 bullets as of right now and I ran out of ammo for my turrets during the blood moon. What is the best way to farm brass? Or is it just luck?
  9. So I am in the Zehayu Territory. I am trying to find the Super Corn and having issues. I am wondering if the Super Corn can be in different locations on the same territory. I don't know where to look for the corn.
  10. So I connect my Generator to the Battery Bank and then connect the Battery Bank to anything else. Will the Generator recharge any batteries (Completely used up), or just somewhat used/ full batteries? The Battery Bank shows that it's not using any watts. The Generator is only connected to the Battery Bank and both are on. Will the Battery bank actually use Watts when more batteries are charged?
  11. Does anyone know how to recharge the Battery Banks? I can only find videos and messages about it that are out of date. With the A19.4 update, I can't find a Solar Bank at all. If they took this out of the game, then how are we supposed to charge the batteries? I have hooked up 2 different Battery Banks together and it charges one, while the other still decreases. I can't maintain a charge and it's close to another Blood Moon.
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